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Through triumph and tragedy, The Journey with Ron Moore Podcast shares powerful stories of lives transformed by Jesus, even through the highs and lows.

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Understanding Gen Z

Tommy Sewall on the mindset of Gen Z (ages 13-27), their focus, feelings, and future. Sewall explains the thought process of Gen Z to help parents engage in important conversations.

Previous Episodes

Molding Young Hearts

Molding Young Hearts

Join Dr. Cheryl Mack as she discusses the five core needs of younger children and how parents can meet those needs in practical ways.

Tough Love

Tough Love

Jill Kowalski on how her dad’s tough love changed the course of her life, dealing with loss, the frightening experience of a natural disaster, and what it means to lead worship.

Finding Clarity in a Confused Culture

Finding Clarity in a Confused Culture

National speaker and author Sean McDowell digs into the mindset of the Gen Zer’s and discusses how the church and parents can share the truth of God’s Word. Ron Moore and Dave DiDonato team up for a conversation with McDowell.

For the past thirty years, Ron Moore has been teaching the unchanging Word of God to help encourage, embolden, and challenge you. We believe God has uniquely gifted Ron to teach Scripture with compassion and unwavering truth, providing practical application to life’s greatest issues.

The Christian walk is often difficult, sometimes discouraging, but never dull. As you travel this road, don’t do it alone. Walk this journey of life with others who are also following hard after Christ.

Take an encouraging word along with you through the digital avenue of podcasts. Each one equips you with biblical wisdom to help you in your daily life and keep you focused on what really matters.

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