The keen eye of the artist takes in the scene before him and his hand sketches its outlines onto the canvas.

Riding high on the spiritual fence is a dangerous exercise. There’s a false sense of security up there when a fatal tumble is a more likely outcome.

At work and school, do you sometimes stand cold and alone in a storm of conflicting beliefs and values? A place where none have gone with you and still you follow?

The sanctuary is well appointed, the hymnals are plentiful and the instruments are finely tuned, but there is something unfinished…something vital…the light has never come on.

Combine the finest French perfumes and then add a dash of vinegar to the mix. Would you wear it to the ball…or even the ballgame?

The “Great Commission” has turned into the “Big Question” in our society. In the Great Commission, Jesus commands believers to: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” In our post-modern culture, resistance to that command now causes many Christians to ask: “is sharing Christ pushing my faith on others?”

Since we were first able to make sense of this life, we have thirsted for the next one. The question that has largely occupied our wondering has been, “Is there a heaven and if so, what is it like?”

When bad things assault us, they shout large questions to our hearts. Questions that begin with “Why,” How” and “Who.” And frequently our heart is at a loss for words.

It’s the 800-pound question sitting in your soul. Get it right and The Way to heaven stands before you. Get it wrong and the world will welcome you to its darkness.

Among the countless questions we ponder during our lifetimes, some tower larger than others.  Some are so huge they obscure the horizon.  Some are so important that eternity hangs on their answer.

We all experience anger…sometimes for good, sometimes in sin. And sometimes it hurts…it hurts others, it hurts us and it hurts those we love.

Three types of anger desire to have you. They crouch at your door seeking entrance to your soul and your family’s.

There are hidden aspects to sinful pride. They lurk around the edges of our lives concealing the arrogance that we condemn in others. Do you want to see what they look like?

What are some common threads in addictions? How do they weave a fabric that threatens to pattern every inch of your life?

You like something. You like it a lot. How do you know if you like it too much? How do you know if you’re addicted?

You’ve had an affair and now your heart is broken. You’ve repented and God has forgiven you. You’re back on the straight and narrow. But, what about your wife? How long before she can forgive?

Men, what steps are necessary to demonstrate one has left sin behind? How can we, and the ones we’ve wronged, know that we’re serious about changing?

You’ve had an affair; maybe you’re still in it. But, along with the excitement and pleasure, is the disquieting realization that God knows your secret sin and it will find you out.  What do you do?

What are the barriers to satisfying sex in marriage…those roadblocks that can detour you or your partner into a disappointing affair?

Men, what are the warning signals that you could fall prey to an affair? And wives, do you understand how the men in your life are sexually wired by God?


Do you need prayer?