What frames your internal world? Are the thoughts and intents of your heart a cluttered structure of wood, hay, and stubble, or do precious metal and costly stone form the building blocks of your life?

Like a downhill skier in the winter Olympics, the Christian often teeters between a winning run to the finish line and crashing into a snow bank. We’re constantly balancing between the liberty of the Gospel and the constraints of a holy life.

Your delegated power to shape a watching world begins in a place much more intimate. Fail there and the world stops watching.

There’s a biblical measurement that marks the influential Christian life. How effectively you impact the world, your neighbors and family for Christ hangs on that yardstick.

When you accepted Christ’s forgiveness you were assigned a mission and promised rewards. Together they offer a life lived with passionate purpose.

Who’s first on your spiritual speed dial? When things are well or ill who do you contact before any other?

There’s a truism in sports that claims, “You play like you practice.” In your spiritual life, it could also be said that “You pray like you practice.”

Like the stony faces on Mt. Rushmore we sometimes feel as if our prayer life looms over us with an accusing stare. And too often we bow our heads in guilty confession.

Detours keep us from arriving at our destination in a timely manner. And sometimes we don’t get there at all. We get lost on winding, back roads. And so it is on the path to worship.

Attempts to enter into worship are sometimes aborted journeys. That’s often because of the billboard-size distractions that hail us along the way.

How do you want others to think of you and how important are their thoughts? Now ask that question about God. Blessedly, we don’t have to wonder who it is we worship.

Who is the God you praise? You may be surprised to find He’s not exactly who you think He is. And that can make all the difference in your adoration.

God will not be worshipped in a box.  Even a pretty one with colored windows and soaring arches does not impress Him.  He’s looking for intimate and open and often messy places.

Where do you find the highest pinnacle of worship?  The place where God inhabits the praise of His people?

What one gift can you present to God that will gladden and delight His heart?

Have you ever wondered why that awful or delightful thing happened to you? Perhaps wondered what you did to deserve either? Jacob had those thoughts too.

God hates injustice but sometimes He uses it to mold our hearts and minds for His service. He did that in the story we hear today.

Family history and dynamics shape the faith and destiny of every member. The children often reflect their parent’s sins and personalities. Sibling influences siblings. In the case of Jacob and his sons that history and dynamic turned to heartache. But God turned it into good.

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it? That was the experience of two biblical brothers. The problem for one was, the thing he wanted most fed the wrong appetite, and it cost him everything.

What kind of faith do you have? Is it passive or active? Does it sit at home enjoying the benefits of God or does it adventure into obedient action?


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