The Journey with Ron Moore

What is this faith that overcomes the world? What does it look like and how is it expressed?

Just ahead, Ron Moore gives us definitions and direction.

With apologies to Jackie Deshannon, “What the world needs now is perfect love sweet love.” It’s the only thing that can banish the fear permeating the world.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore tells us where that love is found and how you can share it with your world.

Would you like everyone to know you’re a disciple of Jesus? According to him, that realization doesn’t start in your interactions with unbelievers. It starts with other disciples.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore shares the perfect sign of your devotion to Christ. Display it and the world will know the One you follow.

Shiny new things will always capture our attention. And, if we let them, they’ll blind us to the truth that was settled long ago.

In view of that hard reality, today Ron Moore offers instruction from the “disciple whom Jesus loved.” It’s divine guidance to help ensure you aren’t blinded by false light.

Uncertainty and doubt stall your Christian growth. It keeps you bound at the beginning of your walk with Jesus. At your second birth.

Ron Moore outlines certain things that will release the chains and give rest to your uncertain soul.

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” He proceeded to the cross as proof of his great love for us.

In today’s broadcast, Ron Moore explores that evidence and encourages you to offer the same kind of proof for your friends and family.

Christian, you are sinful…and you are righteous. The question is: which of those identities define your daily behavior? Your answer will indicate your actual identity.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore warns of the difference so you can be sure you have true, saving faith.

This is the first day of the rest of your life and it’s critical you start it with the ending in mind. That focus will guide you, as a son or daughter of God, to your eternal new day.

Today, Ron Moore looks at that long view and the motivation it supplies.

Believer, you have been enabled, entrusted, and empowered to know the truth by the Holy Spirit who lives in you. You’re able to discern truth from error.

Today, Ron Moore examines that anointing so you can walk in the light.

The eternal investment strategy is this: “Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Ron Moore identifies those treasures and reveals the dividend they pay.

In a sin-darkened world, how can believers shine a light on their savior? A light so true and bright that the world can only respond with glory to God.

In a moment Ron Moore is coming to show us that heavenly radiance and tell us how to turn it on.

Finding a good lawyer is vital when the indictment against you carries an eternal penalty.

Ron Moore shares the only attorney who can secure an acquittal in that supreme court. The only one who can get your misdemeanors and felonies expunged from the heavenly record.

Walking through this sin-stained world you’re going to get dirty. So, how do you keep those stains from setting deep into your soul?

Ron Moore offers dirt-busting instructions for having a “white-as-wool” heart.

Traveling companions are essential in the spiritual journey. To arrive, healthy and strong, at your destination requires intimate fellowship.

Ron Moore helps you develop that intimacy with God-ordained purpose.

How healthy is your faith? Do the signs of spiritual vitality mark your Christian walk, or does insecurity keep you from the abundant life Christ promised?

Ron Moore begins a look at 5 essential truths, from the book of First John, that characterize a healthy believer’s life. It’s a checkup for your soul.

Servant leaders will always act, and they will always get up…from a fall…from failure…from disappointment.

And, as Ron Moore is coming to share, when they act Jesus will always empower them to greater love for Him and greater heights of service for his Church.

Jesus said: “It is the one who is least among you all, who is the greatest.”

Today, Ron Moore leads you on that journey to greatness, which lies just down the road of humble service.

It’s the small sacrifices you make that sometimes have the greatest impact. You give up a small pleasure and a weaker believer keeps their spiritual balance.

Ron Moore shares how and why that’s done and the difference it makes for a watching world.

In life, and in marriage, a long-range view can make the difference between contentment and strife.

Ron Moore helps you put on those long-distance lenses so you can find real peace and serenity.

Making a good marriage takes hard work. It works well when nurtured. When neglected it doesn’t work at all.

Ron Moore offers workable guidance for making your marriage healthy and good.

A Biblical View of Sexuality

You know, it doesn’t take a long look to see how sex-saturated our culture has become. Whether in television shows and movies, on billboards, or at the mall—one thing is certain: our society doesn’t hesitate to put sexuality and sexual topics right in front of us.

But where is the church in this discussion? Far too often, Christians remain uncomfortably silent about sexuality. Parents are reluctant to talk to their kids about purity. Men and women, who desperately need accountability, keep their sexual struggles to themselves. And churches often avoid these difficult issues entirely.

But because God created us, and created sex as part of the human experience, we must talk about this vital topic. We need to know what God has to say about it and how we can apply those truths to our lives. To that end, Ron has written a thoughtful book called, “A Biblical View of Sexuality.”

This book is yours for a gift of any amount.


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