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Episode 5 Confidence in Uncertain Times

by | Oct 31, 2023 | podcast | 4 comments

I interviewed a friend of mine and Israeli, Arie Harel, who shares with us from Tel Aviv. You will hear first-hand what is going on in Israel, the morale of the Israeli people, and a special story from Arie about reading Scripture to his soldiers during Israel’s war with Egypt in 1967. It is a powerful story and interview.


  1. Beth

    Thank you for this. We are praying for Israel. May God bless both you and Arie.

  2. Carol Jean Straka

    Wow, Ron, so informative! Thank you

  3. Linda Petrocelli

    I always stand with Israel. It was good to hear from someone who lives there. We know the end of the story but I wish that our church as a congregation would pray for Israel every Sunday according to Psalm 122:6,7. Thank you Ron for the podcast. God bless.

  4. Bob Michak

    Beautiful interview with two great men. Amen


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