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Episode 2 Building a Legacy

by | Sep 19, 2023 | podcast | 2 comments

Alexa and Zach Conner talk about the legacy their dad left, his love for God that he impressed on them, and their favorite things to make while working at Sonic Drive In.


  1. Jeff Sipos

    Great message. I hope everyone takes the time to listen this. a wonderful legacy Schawn and Lisa have created in thier children.

  2. Cindy Malone

    My husband Denny and I listen to this this morning in our kitchen. We are in our mid-70s and pray that we will have the legacy that Schawn had in his life. Alexa & Zach were open and honest about how their father’s journey through cancer had/has affected their family’s life. I pray for them and how God is blessing them. Thank you for the testimony of Schawn Connor.


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