Husbands and wives, guard your relationship!

Marriages never explode. There is never one event that causes a couple to call it quits. Instead, the demise of a marriage is more like a slow leak. After a time, the marriage goes flat. Too many couples were not willing to fix the leak in the first place. And too many couples are not willing to invest the time, put in the hard work, and effect the personal change… Continue Reading…

Oneness in marriage means that a husband and wife are headed the same direction at the same time for the same reasons. Jesus said that in marriage, a man and woman are “no longer two but one.” So what are the things that blow up oneness, and how can we deactivate the bomb before is explodes? Failure to commit your relationship to the Lord.  Too many couples spend more time… Continue Reading…

A solid marriage, steeled in oneness, forms a resilient bond, but it’s not unbreakable. Ron Moore warns of the kryptonite that can harm even “a marriage of steel.”

What is oneness in marriage? Is it only the pronouncement that you’re now husband and wife or is there something more…something mysterious…something you can grow into? Practice this biblical instruction and watch your “good marriage” get even better.


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