The Journey with Ron Moore

God is all-powerful. There is nothing he cannot accomplish. You can trust him.

Do you desire to be a godly mom or dad and just need some scriptural guidance to help you along the way?

You can depend on I AM. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Children are a gift from God. Sometimes we doubt that. Especially when parenting isn’t going the way we thought it would.

God uses life’s challenges to “wrestle” with us and help us see that he is stretching and molding us into the person he wants us to be.

They are the people we work with. They are friends and family. Many are living lives of quiet desperation, hiding a secret from the world. Some have come out of the closet. All are people whom God loves.

The same God who provided for Abraham in his time of testing will also provide for you.

Marriage is a package deal. The Bible details the three key ingredients of that package and why they cannot be successfully separated.

No one is responsible for God’s existence. He has always been, and he will never cease to be. He will never leave nor forsake us.

How do the children of divorce process the confusing and conflicting emotions that tear at their hearts? What can you say to them that will restore a lost relationship and keep them close to God?

Our final judgment will not be based on what we have done but on what Jesus has done for us.

Let me remind you that God’s character and attributes never change. His name is still El Shaddai. He is still all-powerful and all-sufficient.

Take comfort in knowing that you are never out of his sight. You are never out of his care.

Any way you slice it, divorce is painful. It cuts deeply into both partners and even deeper into their children.

Jesus did not stand idly by until his birth in a Bethlehem stable. He always has been, is today, and always will be at work in the lives of his people.

What is marriage, really? What great purpose does it serve? What should your marriage focus on in order to find that purpose? And what do you do when that bond is severed?

What do you need to surrender to God, your Master?

What makes sex biblical, beautiful, and fun? More importantly, how should we honor it and experience it?

You can trust him with your life, along with all your issues and concerns.

Inside your home, nearer than you may have imagined, the greatest threat to your marriage is lurking.


Do you need prayer?