Abundant life doesn’t start in heaven; it starts today! You are a child of the King, wearing his royal robes of righteousness, so live like a child of the King! 

The Christian life is a spiritual “hall of wonders” with adventures down every corridor. And no one knows that better than those who first lived it. Every day held new experiences based on one, compelling motivation: their love for the risen Christ. Today Ron Moore invites you to join them in that great adventure story.

In dark valleys, he is our Shepherd who leads us to safety. God can always be trusted in the uncertainties of living. And we can be sure that when we leave this life, he will deliver us safely home. 

There is an often-forgotten aspect of love that wastes away in the dark closets of our fellowships. It’s rarely if ever, brought out, dusted off, and employed. Remarkably, it’s the one quality that can rescue a church, and individual believer, from spiritual destruction. That aspect of “love in action” is Ron Moore’s focus on today’s broadcast.

A lion is the king of the jungle—an amazing creature demonstrating power and agility. But a dead lion loses his roar. Solomon says that a live dog is better off. Life provides opportunity. We could say it this way, life gives us the opportunity to die well. 

The pulse of a healthy church is the sum of each individual heart beating in unison with the others. Sadly, that’s not the case in many faith communities. Instead, they need a spiritual defibrillator to shock them back to normal sinus rhythm. Ron Moore does just that with a divine diagnosis and a jolt from God’s powerful Word.

We live in a world that doesn’t make sense because this is not the way it’s supposed to be. Life “under the sun” is confusing. Throughout our study of Ecclesiastes, we have learned that there are things we will never understand.

Being bound together in the body of Christ doesn’t just happen. The chain links that interlock us to one another must be carefully fashioned on the anvil of life and living. Ron Moore outlines the forging processes that will help to create an unbreakable bond in your church.

When we die, our soul returns to God, our loving Creator. He beckons us home to be with him forever. We will finally see justice because of the injustice that was placed on Jesus. No one spoke in his defense; there was no one to save him from the cross.

It is Jesus alone that brings life to our souls and our minds. Read his Word. Listen to the hope that he brings. When our focus is on our newsfeed instead of Jesus, we will become weary of life.

And when Solomon focuses on God and regains an eternal perspective, the doubts go away. He concludes that “the dust returns to the earth as it was, and the spirit returns to God who gave it” (Eccl. 12:7). Our doubts are alleviated when we focus on Jesus.

Community is an individual responsibility.The whole can’t grow into full fellowship without the committed participation of each one. Ron Moore offers five essentials for the individual Christian that can build up the larger communion of believers.

For those whom Jesus has rescued, they will pass from death to life (John 5:24). They will be absent from the body, but present with the Lord (2 Cor. 5:8). The choice is clear. Trust Jesus, and live forever in heaven. Reject Jesus, live forever in hell. The just Judge will dispense justice to all.

The Church is supposed to be a masterpiece of Christ’s image on earth, but the canvas is marred and the pigment muddied. So how can the world see the risen Savior in such a messy medium? With the master’s brush, Ron Moore paints a revealing portrait of genuine connection in the Body of Christ. It’s a communion that proclaims “Christ lives here.”

God, what are you doing? What are you waiting for? Why won’t you bring justice today? What’s taking so long? Have you ever asked any of those questions, or maybe all those questions?

Community has become a buzz word in modern culture and in the Body of Christ, but do we truly know what makes a community work? Ron Moore shares an ancient model for community that, once understood, can transform the way we do church.

Just as there is a season for everything, there will be a time when God will make everything right. Paul explains that truth should cause men and women to turn from their wicked ways.

All is not lost. Even though your sin has led you into a dark place, God’s light can shine again. You can recover and find fresh faith. That’s Ron Moore’s declaration in this broadcast. It’s a claim based on God’s unfailing grace and found in the story of a man after God’s own heart. Listen and have your faith renewed.

Life on earth is filled with injustice, described by the Scottish poet Robert Burns as “man’s inhumanity to man.” The oppressors come with all the power. The oppressed are left with no leverage, and Solomon repeats for emphasis that they have “no one to comfort them.” There is no denying that this life is unfair.

What kind of person are you? A man or woman of faith? Flawed and fallen? Or a little, or a lot, of both? Now, the question is, what kind of person do you want to be? Today Ron Moore begins an inspection of a flawed, Man-after-God’s-own-heart, so you can avoid his failings and adopt his fresh faith.

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