Jesus really does change everything.

There’s a biblical measurement that marks the influential Christian life. How effectively you impact the world, your neighbors and family for Christ hangs on that yardstick.

Following Jesus is not a spectator sport. Look around you. And get involved in the work of the Lord in the lives of others.

When you accepted Christ’s forgiveness you were assigned a mission and promised rewards. Together they offer a life lived with passionate purpose.

Jesus does amazing things. Trust him, and he will turn things that stinketh into things that shine for his glory.

I don’t know what you are going through today, but Jesus does. He knows and understands. He loves you and can meet your deepest need.

Believers follow Jesus through life, death, and glorious resurrection. Anyone who believes in Jesus “shall never die.” That’s the Good News!

Who’s first on your spiritual speed dial? When things are well or ill who do you contact before any other?

Jesus always uses every situation to bring glory to God.

There’s a truism in sports that claims, “You play like you practice.” In your spiritual life, it could also be said that “You pray like you practice.”

The things of this world will satisfy for a while. That’s exactly why worldly stuff presents such a danger.

Like the stony faces on Mt. Rushmore we sometimes feel as if our prayer life looms over us with an accusing stare. And too often we bow our heads in guilty confession.

Hunger will always return when you eat from the world’s banquet table. Ours is a spiritual famine that can only be satisfied with the “Bread of Life.”

Detours keep us from arriving at our destination in a timely manner. And sometimes we don’t get there at all. We get lost on winding, back roads. And so it is on the path to worship.

When I understand and accept that I am a part of God’s story, I will not spend my life working for food that spoils. Instead, I will invest in eternal things because I know God’s story is an eternal one.

Attempts to enter into worship are sometimes aborted journeys. That’s often because of the billboard-size distractions that hail us along the way.

A willing heart to give what we have is all Jesus wants and all he needs. He will take what you have and turn it into what he needs…with leftovers.

There is deep within the heart a crying need…until we meet Jesus. He is the Bread of Life. He fills the heart with all that it needs. Jesus is what we always wanted and needed.

Fruit in our lives will demonstrate that we are connected to True Vine, and his Father gets all the glory. 

How do you want others to think of you and how important are their thoughts? Now ask that question about God. Blessedly, we don’t have to wonder who it is we worship.


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