Whether in marriage or parenting, whether in the workplace or in relationships with friends, the believer is committed to a higher standard. People of integrity always keep their word. 

It is the loyal love of God that keeps us safe and secure. People may fail us. Some may go back on their commitment. Some may break a promise. But God never does. As Christians, our eternity is settled. And that gives us the freedom to live.  

The keen eye of the artist takes in the scene before him and his hand sketches its outlines onto the canvas.

Don’t try to blame others or rationalize. Own up to what you said or did and replace selfishness with kindness. When you do, you are benefiting yourself…and others. 

Riding high on the spiritual fence is a dangerous exercise. There’s a false sense of security up there when a fatal tumble is a more likely outcome.

So, here’s the question—are you chasing after the right things? Things that will last for eternity. Things that will honor God. Things that will point people to him. If you are not running in the right direction, chances are you’ll end up at the wrong destination. 

At work and school, do you sometimes stand cold and alone in a storm of conflicting beliefs and values? A place where none have gone with you and still you follow?

Want to win favor with God? Want to enrich your marriage? Develop a heart of love and faithfulness, then let it flow through your life. At the end of the day, you will be welcomed home by God, and your children will have a godly legacy to follow. 

The sanctuary is well appointed, the hymnals are plentiful and the instruments are finely tuned, but there is something unfinished…something vital…the light has never come on.

God is not worthy of our leftovers. We should worship him with the firstfruits—the best—of our time and money. This proverb reminds us that God blesses obedience.

Combine the finest French perfumes and then add a dash of vinegar to the mix. Would you wear it to the ball…or even the ballgame?

To live a life that is spiritually healthy, our heavenly Father must always be at the head of the line. We must jettison our own wants and desires and live in obedience to him. True wisdom begins when we embrace both God and his instruction. Only our heavenly Father always knows best.

Many trails will be tempting, inviting, alluring, and even fun…for a while. But they are all regrettable dead-ends. Follow the Leader. He will keep you on the straight path…all the way to your final destination. 

These two qualities are the essence of a person who follows hard after Jesus. “Bind them around your neck” to guide your actions. “Write them on the tablet of your heart” to guide your inner person. Love and faithfulness must saturate our thoughts, desires, and actions. 

The “Great Commission” has turned into the “Big Question” in our society. In the Great Commission, Jesus commands believers to: “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” In our post-modern culture, resistance to that command now causes many Christians to ask: “is sharing Christ pushing my faith on others?”

When our children hear and see our teaching and adopt the truth as their own, God’s success follows. The challenge with success is not the desire to be successful but the paths we take to reach the desired destination.

Since we were first able to make sense of this life, we have thirsted for the next one. The question that has largely occupied our wondering has been, “Is there a heaven and if so, what is it like?”

The sluggard has desires, but they are unwilling to put in the work to make them happen. They are too lazy to get the education, training, and experience to achieve what they want, so they look for shortcuts.

When bad things assault us, they shout large questions to our hearts. Questions that begin with “Why,” How” and “Who.” And frequently our heart is at a loss for words.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. The sluggard is full of them. “I am overqualified.” “I am underqualified.” “That’s too challenging.” “That’s not challenging enough.” “I am waiting for the perfect job that fits my gifts and training perfectly.”


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