The Journey with Ron Moore

Jesus — the Good Shepherd — laid down his life for you. He loves you with eternal love.

The road is lonely when we travel outside God’s clearly marked lanes. The solid lines are there, not to restrict our freedom, but to keep us in fellowship with Him. They warn us away from the ditch and the dark woods that lie beyond. Perhaps the loneliest of our fellow travelers are those who have left “the narrow way” and driven into the darkness of homosexuality. Today Ron Moore shares… Continue Reading…

He is holy — set apart from all things. Through Christ, God makes us holy.

Living together . . . taking a test-drive before making a commitment . . . can yield important information, but only if your intended is a car.  People are a “bit” more complicated and marriage isn’t a “trade-in” institution.  If you want a marriage to last you’ll need better ways of ensuring a life-long relationship. Ron Moore will tell you why in today’s broadcast.  

The living God will never cease to be. We can enjoy him today, tomorrow, and forever. Check your heart. Bury the dead gods. Worship El Chay.

Sometimes we drive, sometimes we are driven and sometimes we know the difference. Lust of the eyes and the heart frequently take us on a ride that we think we control. And when we fall into that line of thinking, lust has wrestled the wheel from our hands. Men, you know the struggle. Women . . . you too. So what do you do? That’s Ron Moore’s focus in this… Continue Reading…

We are the living, breathing temple of God. By the Spirit’s empowerment, our job is to represent Hashem—The Name—well.

Humbly accepting that God is beyond our understanding is the first step for a life of trust and faith.

God wants your life to be enveloped by his peace.

Some crave life on the edge. They drive headlong around blind, mountain curves, trusting in their firm control while drifting closer and closer to the precipice. Lust can be like that. It seems manageable, controllable, exhilarating, until one slip and we find ourselves falling into an abyss. Why do we play with lust? And how does it play with us in return? Ron Moore will be along in a moment… Continue Reading…

The eternal God is your refuge. He provides safety and security. He cares for you and carries you. He protects you with his powerful, eternal arms.

Remember those easy summer nights cruising with your boy or girlfriend, listening to classic love songs playing on the radio? Do you remember their messages about love and sex? Would you want your son or daughter to follow their philosophy? We have an oldie but goodie for you. One written not only for a new love but for your love too. And in its lyrics, you’ll find sexual instruction everyone… Continue Reading…

Do you need protection from an enemy that continues to pursue? Do you need shelter from a storm that is pelting you with anxiety and fear? God is Yahweh Tsuri—The Lord my Rock. You can find all you need in him.

Imagine for a moment you look out on your driveway and there sits a brand new, gleaming Lexus. It sports a big red bow and a gift card with your name on it.  How would you treat it? Better yet, how carefully would you drive it? Ron Moore continues his series on Biblical Sexuality with a look at an even greater gift. One provided you by the Creator. One that… Continue Reading…

Jesus went to the cross so that you could be cleansed and forgiven. He died so that you could live.

Why a car leaves us stranded on a lonely road, or worse, smashed against a fence, can often be traced to a singular fact…it wasn’t operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In a way, sex is like that. When used outside of the creator’s guidelines, when not maintained by the Book, sex leaves its drivers broken and lost. In this half-hour, Ron Moore picks up where he left off last… Continue Reading…

It is time to get rid of any other gods in your life. The Lord God is a jealous God. He is El Kanna.

Sexual expression is like a sleek racecar…beautiful, powerful, hard to ignore, and hard to stop when out of control.  To be skillfully handled, it requires mastery of the inventor’s directions. And if not driven precisely—if not kept on the right course—it will crash and burn, injuring driver and bystander alike. Today, in view of its wonderful and yet potentially destructive power, Ron Moore begins a series that speaks to sexual… Continue Reading…

Paul says that our struggles are not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces.

Cry out to the Lord, your healer—Yahweh Rapha.


Do you need prayer?