When we place our faith in Jesus, there is no risk. Jesus is who he says he is. Everything Jesus says is true. What Jesus promises will always come to be.

Abraham walked out of “Ur of the Chaldeans” and into history with only his faith and family. But his faith in God was all he needed. In this half-hour, Ron Moore takes us on Abraham’s faith journey and into the promises of God. It’s a faith you can share and in it discover your greatest needs met as well.  

God places his seal of ownership on us and gives us his Spirit as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come. In Christ, we will always stand firm.

Since the devastating event of “the fall” sin has cascaded down the stream of history to become a flood of evil and despair. Now, God is ready to wash the slate clean and start again.

No problem is too big for him to handle. No issue is impossible. The Almighty will always keep his promises. Trust him and watch him work in your life.

From the majestic and uneasy earth to the beautiful and sometimes deadly natural world, to mankind who is capable of so much love and so much evil, there is one seminal event that explains this chaos in which we find ourselves.

According to his perfect will, we can trust him to lead us on the right path.

God spoke our vast universe into being, but with mankind he got much more personal.

With Jesus, our verdict is, “Not guilty!” His sacrifice provides full pardon. The Righteous sets the sinner free!

How large is the universe? The word that comes to mind is “vast.” A companion question is how large is your God? From His lips, our vast universe was spoken into being. That makes Him larger still.

On that final day, the faithful shepherds will hear, “Well done!” and receive the victor’s crown that will never fade. On that day, every sacrifice of leadership will be well worth it.

Our Shepherd gives us everything we need. Protection. Nourishment. Safety. And when we go astray, he comes to find us. He is our Overseer all the way home.

Whatever you are going through, find help and peace with the Great Shepherd. He will never disappoint you.

What does it mean to be a whole person in action and thought? Then, how can we encourage that wholeness, that integrity, in our children?

The Christian faith begins and ends with Jesus. Fix your eyes on him!

In a world increasingly angry, how can we instill a sense of empathy in our children? Moreover, what will that look like in their lives?

He is ready to give you all the help you need to resist and obey. He invites us to approach him with confidence. What are you waiting for?

What do parents do that unintentionally produces dishonesty in children? And how can we demonstrate and teach honesty so that it becomes an enduring part of our son’s and daughter’s character?

God’s wrath is turned aside from us because of Jesus’ completed work on the cross. His atoning work gives us eternal life!

It is in the commonplace obligations of life that we, and our children, prove our trustworthiness to handle the weightier things. So what are those responsibilities and how can we reliably imprint them on our children?


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