Israel was in chaos. They lived under the tyranny of Rome. The Jewish people were taxed into poverty. They desperately needed peace. Some thought that peace would come through a military general. Others wanted a political leader to overthrow the Roman government from the inside.

The mighty gates of hell can’t withstand the church’s witness. But that doesn’t mean they won’t resist our efforts. The persecution that started with Stephen in Acts is a vivid testimony of that reality, a reality that pursued Christians down through the centuries. Today, Ron Moore shares the results of hell’s resistance on the church and the world for whom Christ died. It is dramatic evidence that hell got more… Continue Reading…

The prophet Isaiah did not hold back on God’s words of judgment. However, his message included the promise of impending peace. Someone was coming who would change the course of history. Twenty-two times, Isaiah promised that a Deliverer was on the way.

The first Christian martyr demonstrated that life is only worth living if what you have is worth dying for. And so, Stephen did both. He found a life worth living in Christ and was stoned to death for his faith. Today Ron Moore challenges us to live as Stephen lived, with courage, confidence, and the peace of mind that through it all Christ will be with us.

Nate Saint, who gave his life for Christ as a missionary, said it this way: “If we could only grasp the significance of the Incarnation, the word sacrifice would disappear from our vocabulary.” Jesus is our great hope!

The virgin birth certainly defines history. If Jesus was simply the product of a man and a woman, his life and death were no more significant than yours and mine. We could not even call him a good teacher.

Seven hundred years before Jesus came, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed the promise. A virgin would conceive. God’s Son would be born, and his name would be called “Immanuel (which means God with us)” (Matt 1:23). God would come to live among us, and he would never leave us. Immanuel is our great hope. 

Is money a burden on your heart? You see, whether you have little or much of it, how you use it can weigh you down and make you its slave. Ron Moore shares biblical instruction for lightening the load on the journey to financial freedom.

The law does not contradict God’s promises but moves us to God’s promises. The law is the road to hope. And our hope is in Jesus alone. Paul explains that “the Law was our tutor to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith” (Gal. 3:24 NKJV). 

Does the “toss-off” phrase “Praise the Lord” truly reflect a thankful heart or must there be more? What does authentic giving-of-thanks look like and what difference will it make in your spirit and your world? That’s Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour. At its end may you be truly thankful.

Jesus is our great Hope. That is the Christmas story in a nutshell. In Jesus, we have significance, security, acceptance, and forgiveness. In Jesus, we are empowered by his Spirit to show the world how the glory of the Lord shines through our lives. 

In the shadows of our sin-darkened heart, there is a desperate desire for light. We grope through its depths for the eternal and pure, and only occasionally glimpse the image of God there. Who, then, will rescue us from this body of death? Today Ron Moore tells us who and how.

Hope doesn’t just happen. It is brought about by spiritual discipline and growth. When your children speak at your funeral, I bet they won’t mention the expensive Christmas gifts. Let’s aspire for their focus to be on the gift of Jesus that you allowed them to see in you up close and personal. 

Wouldn’t you like the world to know you’re living a spiritual adventure with a band of like-minded travelers?  Well, there is a public initiation for this exclusive body. One that brands you forever as being in the company of heaven’s King.  One that’s required if you’re to travel well. Ron Moore gives us the biblical “when’s” “why’s” and “how’s” in this half-hour.

The new covenant came with a great price. God didn’t ignore sin or sweep it under the rug. He met sin head-on by sending his Son as our substitute to pay sin’s penalty (Isaiah 53:4-6). Jesus said that the new covenant would be instituted through the shedding of his blood on the cross (Matt. 26:27-28; Luke 22:20). In Jesus, there is forgiveness. He is our great Hope!

We love glittering things. And in our getting of them, we celebrate the beautiful thing while too often missing its creator. The One who longs to know us and be known. With that in mind, today Ron Moore redirects our focus from the glittering gift to the Giver.

You are serving the Lord Christ! Fearing God is more than just morning devotions and weekend worship. He has given us the gift of life to love, respect, honor, and obey him…with all our might! Live for Jesus and live to the fullest. 

Living well and leaving well demands that your marriage is tended to. If you are too busy to nourish and grow your marriage, you are too busy. Marriage is not only about a man and woman; in many cases, children are involved.

Nothing done to bring honor to ourselves will ever satisfy our hearts. Only God can do that. And with a heart satisfied by God alone, we can enjoy the great gift of life. 

Living with boldness, and beyond yourself, is living as God intended. But that life will require His power and His presence. Without that the quest will fail.  With it, you can turn the world upside down. Today Ron Moore shares that power and how you can walk in it day by day. It’s an adventure on the far side of understanding, with a person who lives inside your heart. Listen and be… Continue Reading…

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