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Episode 36 Before Burnout

Episode 36 Before Burnout

Don Lough on personal challenges while leading an international ministry and steps to take before you burn out.

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Road Rules: Strong Confidence

Road Rules: Strong Confidence

After my second year of seminary, Lori and I spent a summer in northern Scotland, interning at a church just outside of Aberdeen. We spent our weekly day off driving around the countryside in a little Mini (this was before Minis were cool). Many of those trips included checking out a castle or two.

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Ron, I start every day listening to your daily devotion. It helps me start my day. I lost my husband in August of 2020 at the young age of 50, and your daily devotion has really helped me cope. Thank you and God Bless!

- Angela

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Road Rules: Be Zealous, Not Jealous

Road Rules: Be Zealous, Not Jealous

Ever watch those shows about the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Their lives drip with money, cars, big homes, pools, and full-size gyms. I admit there are days when all that looks very appealing. A few days ago, I was vegging out watching a program about a couple shopping for a vacation home on a beautiful tropical island. The storyline follows them through the process of choosing between three houses. There are days when I would love to take a private jet and fly down to a vacation home on a beautiful tropical island.

Road Rules: The Joy of Hope

Road Rules: The Joy of Hope

In my growing-up years, I dreamed of playing professional baseball. But after my first year of competing at a college level, I came to a solemn realization that my prospects were not that great. There are certain “tools” you need in order to play at the next level. Hitting, throwing, running, and fielding must be at a high level. I took note of my speed, batting average, and arm strength and realized “below average” does not equal “advanced level.” But I must tell you, and I’m not bragging, my prospect as a Christian is secure.

Welcome to a Life of Joy

Welcome to a Life of Joy

He was under house arrest…chained to centurions…living a life that everyone dreams about…his days filled with purpose and great joy. Today, Ron Moore shares the secret of living that kind of life, as demonstrated by the Apostle Paul, and outlined in a short...