Words: The Spiritual Barometer – Part 1

There’s an instrument, known by all, that will reveal the spiritual weather brewing in your heart.  When destructive storms or sunny days hold sway, your words will declare it.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore will show you the spiritual importance of controlling that instrument instead of letting it control you.

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Faith: Dead or Alive

How do you know when your faith, or that of a friend or loved one, is a living faith? Is it proved by a walk down a church aisle, praying a salvation prayer or attending catechism classes?  Or is there other evidence that must be displayed?

That question is asked and answered in Ron Moore’s PDF booklet titled: “Faith: Dead or Alive.

In “Faith: Dead or Alive,” Ron outlines the characteristics of genuine belief and how you can perceive their presence animating your life.  It’s the most important waypoint on the spiritual journey.

“Faith: Dead or Alive” is yours, as a digital download, for a gift of any amount.