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Vulnerable Spots

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Luke 4:13
When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time.

After the showdown in the desert, Satan left but he didn’t leave. He waited for a strategic time to come at Jesus again. Satan never gives up.  Beaten today, he returns to battle again tomorrow. He is always looking for an opportune time.

  • When we are physically worn down, Satan attacks. Failure is often in the midst of fatigue.
  • When we experience loss, Satan shows up. He fills our minds with “What if…?” and “Why didn’t I…?” “Why didn’t God…?” Satan desires to turn grief into regret and bitterness.
  • When discouragement tackles us, Satan piles on. He knows a discouraged soldier is vulnerable and ineffective in battle.
  • When job loss hits, Satan comes along as an “understanding” companion. He tempts us to respond in anger with words that should be left unsaid. Reckless words pierce like a sword and he wrote the dictionary of reckless words.
  • Satan stands by us when we look in the mirror. He tells us that we are unattractive, that we should be embarrassed with such an unfortunate physical trait. He convinces us that God must have some twisted sense of humor to have created us the way He did.
  • Satan is there when we flip through a fashion magazine. The airbrushed models provide a platform for him to tell us that we are way out of shape, even repulsive. He shouts, “How could anybody love or accept you?”
  • Satan loves it when we carry a chip on our shoulder. He reminds us that everyone is out to get us, from the person who cut us off on the road, to supervisors at work, to family members.

Satan is always looking for an opportune time. Unfortunately he doesn’t have to look for long.

Father, remind me that I belong to You. Help me find my significance, security, acceptance, forgiveness and empowerment from You and You alone. Help me be aware of Satan’s schemes. Protect me from the evil one. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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Strong Hands, Tender Heart


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