Voices of Opposition – Part 3

Often, our fervent desires, desire us. Those things, even the good things we want, can master our hearts and eventually our actions.

Ron Moore offers some cautionary self-talk that will keep your lowest appetites at bay while directing your desires toward the greater good and God’s approval.

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Voices of Opposition

Do voices of discouragement, doubt and ridicule, from past and present, hound your days and gnaw at your sleep?

You know, those persistent taunts that question your abilities, wisdom and resources can keep you from reaching your full potential in Christ.

So, in his booklet “Voices of Opposition” Ron Moore helps you isolate the causes of such doubt and fear, and defeat them in God’s strength.  There, you’ll discover an exciting new vision for the work Christ has prepared for you to do.

Voices of Opposition” is yours for a donation of any amount.