The Journey with Ron Moore

Under Attack: Pride

Sinful pride can be camouflaged by pious words and feigned modesty. But it often reveals itself when the battle for obedience is intense and our focus is diverted.

In this broadcast Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin help us identify prideful attitudes, before the attack, so that we can bring them under the command of Jesus Christ.

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Strong and Courageous

In a day of doubts and fears, of challenges and opportunities, you need the assurance of God’s power and guidance.

The Children of Israel faced just such days as they entered the Promised Land. How they won the day, with God’s direction and strength, is told in the Book of Joshua.

Now, Ron Moore surveys that heroic story in his encouraging devotional, Strong and Courageous. In its reflections Ron shares thought provoking insights that will equip you to spiritually imitate Israel’s ultimate victories.

A digital copy of Strong and Courageous is yours for a donation of any amount.