Road Rules: Prudence

Proverbs 15:5  

A fool despises his father’s instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is prudent.

Today’s proverb gives us two screenshots. 

Screenshot #1: A loving father who wants the very best for his child. This dad has gained wisdom through the school of life experience. He wants to pass on his learning to his child, but the child won’t listen. The instruction is rejected. The proverbs call that response foolishness!

Screenshot #2: A loving father who wants the best for his child. The dad has learned many things in life, often the hard way. The child accepts and follows the instruction. This child understands that the correction is given from a heart of love and a life of wisdom. That’s prudence!

We can’t always control how our children will respond. Sometimes they will need to learn life’s lessons through their own failures. But, parents, never give up on them even when it seems like they are not listening. The older they get, the smarter you get. 

Lord, you are our heavenly Father who loves us with unconditional love and perfect wisdom. May we be prudent, not foolish, when it comes to hearing and heeding your correction.

In Jesus’ name.



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