Road Rules: Lazy Desires

Have you ever heard of John Dillinger? In the 1930’s he was known as Public Enemy #1. Dillinger traveled throughout the Midwest, robbing over two dozen banks and was responsible for the murder of several police officers. Dillinger’s jailbreaks, narrow getaways from police, and winsome personality caused many to idolize the outlaw. Dillinger lived with a craving for more, but his hands refused to work.

Proverbs 21:25 

The desire of the sluggard kills him, for his hands refuse to labor.

The sluggard has desires, but they are unwilling to put in the work to make them happen. They are too lazy to get the education, training, and experience to achieve what they want, so they look for shortcuts. They fall into “get rich quick” schemes, “something for nothing” ventures, and promises for much with little investment. They dream their lives away instead of putting in the work it takes to make dreams come true. Sometimes they even go beyond the law to get what they want but are too lazy to earn. 

Although his exploits were well known and even glamorized by some media, Dillinger spent most of his life behind bars until it came to an end on July 22, 1934. On that fateful Friday, Dillinger was gunned down by police after being set up by a prostitute. The writer of the proverb said it well, “The desire of the sluggard kills him….” 

Father, make us industrious people, willing to invest our time and talents to earn what we need to live a life that honors you. Protect us from the cravings that lead to death.

In Jesus’ name.



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