Road Rules: Decision of Confrontation

Proverbs 10:17

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life, but he who rejects reproof leads others astray.

Since each of us is “prone to wander,” there will be times in life’s journey when we stray off the path. Through the Word, the conviction of the Holy Spirit, a good friend, or all the above, we will be confronted regarding our wrong turn. Then we have a decision.  Will we listen and accept “instruction” or ignore “reproof”?

Pride says, “Ignore! It’s my life, and I’ll do want I want to do! Who are you to point out my wrong turn? Who are you to look down on me from some ‘moral high road’?” Humility says, “Thank you! Thank you, Lord, for convicting me of my sin through your Word and by your Spirit. Thank you, friend, for caring enough to confront.” 

We are all “prone to wander,” and the decision we make when confronted is multi-layered. The decision not only impacts us but those around us. When we heed instruction, we show the “path to life” for others. When we ignore reproof, we lead “others astray.” It’s a pretty big decision, isn’t it?

Father, help us listen to you and those you send into our lives. Penetrate our natural defenses and speak to hearts tenderized by your Spirit. Remind us that we are not on this road trip alone. What we do impacts us…and others.

In Christ’s name.



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A Man and His Temptations – Pride


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