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Pride: Deal with It

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Ezekiel 31:10-11

Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because it towered high and set its top among the clouds, and its heart was proud of its height, I will give it into the hand of a mighty one of the nations. He shall surely deal with it as its wickedness deserves. I have cast it out.

Through the prophet Ezekiel, God let the nations know that he was in charge. Their vast armies were no match for his power. Their economies could not out resource his riches. He used countries for his sovereign purposes. But he never let them get by with their wickedness.

The great empire of Egypt “towered over” other nations…for a time. They were proud of their attainments and accomplishments. They felt indestructible. They boasted of their great height. However, when God had enough of their conceit, he cast them aside.

We need to remember that “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). The things that puff us up will eventually drag us down. When we become proud of our “height” God will apply his pruning shears. He will not leave his children, but he will humble us. Living in the highlands of pride gives us a tendency to look down on God. He will keep us in a place where we must look up to him. Spiritual service does not include spiritual swagger.

Talking Points

  • Ask God to show you where you are thinking too highly of yourself.
  • Ask him to help you deal with these areas of pride.

Father, help me not think too highly of myself. May my confidence come from you alone. Help me to deal honestly with my pride. In Jesus’ name. Amen.




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