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Micah 1:3-4

For behold, the Lord is coming out of his place, and will come down and tread upon the high places of the earth. And the mountains will melt under him, and the valleys will split open, like wax before the fire, like waters poured down a steep place.

Deism is the viewpoint that the Creator is not directly involved with his creation. He is viewed as a divine clockmaker who wound up the “clock” of creation and then left it to run on its own. The god of deism is passive and impersonal. Thankfully, he is not the God of Scripture.

The prophet Micah had no doubt that God was involved in the lives of his people. The phrase “The Lord is coming” is an expression used in the Old Testament to describe God’s intervention in history. He does not stand idly by watching the clock run down. God works in history. He moves in the lives of world leaders to accomplish his will. And he works in our lives. He comforts, encourages, confronts, instructs, and disciplines his children. He speaks through his Word. He demonstrates his character through his work.

So, there are deists, and then there are practical deists: Those who say they believe in a personal God but don’t think, feel, or act like they do. How about you?

Talking Points

  • Ask God to show you areas of your life where you have experienced him at work.
  • Ask God to help you teach your children that God is intimately involved in our lives.

Father, thank you for being a personal God who intervenes in history and is active in my life. Help me not to live like a practical deist. Help me acknowledge and feel your presence in my life through my days. I love you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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