Learning to Pray

Devotion Text

Matthew 6:10a

…Your kingdom come….

I know that I am a child of God because of Jesus and I know that I can call God my Father. Through Christ, God has established his spiritual kingdom in my heart—I am a new creation! And God has prepared an eternal kingdom, called heaven, where I will live with him forever.

I also know that I am not in heaven yet. I live in this world influenced by Satan. I live in a body that is still under the curse of sin. My sinful nature, while redeemed, has not been removed. I am a child of God and an inhabitant of the world. I am caught in between my eternal future and my temporal present. For the time being, I struggle with temptation. And…I give into sin more than I would like to admit.

Knowing my state and my struggle, Jesus teaches me to pray for God’s kingdom to come. As I live in this world and am God’s child, my prayer is that I look and act more like a child of the kingdom of God than a child of this earthly kingdom. One of these days this temporal kingdom will be replaced. But for now, I need to pray that God helps me live more like a citizen of heaven than a citizen of earth.

Father, that is my prayer. Help me live with the mindset of heaven. Help me shun the influences of this earth. May obedience be the consistent pattern of my thoughts, words, and actions. By your grace and strength, help me show others a glimpse of heaven. In Jesus’ name. Amen.



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I like how you breaking down The Lord’s prayer it’s very helpful how you’re doing it thank you very much Ron


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