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Great Grace

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David had been living a life of lies and cover-up for sixteen months! Then tragedy hit. When David and his men were away from home, the Amalekites burned their houses to the ground and captured their wives and children. This attack woke David up from his spiritual rebellion. He had been doing things his way. Now it was time to turn back to God.

 1 Samuel 30:8

And David inquired of the LORD, “Shall I pursue after this band? Shall I overtake them?” He answered him, “Pursue, for you shall surely overtake and shall surely rescue.”

When I read this story, I can only think of God’s great grace. David had been running from God for sixteen months, but when tragedy hit, God was waiting to strengthen David and help him rescue his family. Never assume you are too far from God. He is waiting, with open arms, for you to come back home.

Talking Points

  • Father, today I pray for the person who has wandered from you. I pray you grab their attention. Wake them up from their rebellion so they will return to you.
  • I pray for the person who feels they can’t come back home. Their sin and pride have them feeling that you won’t accept them. Don’t let the lies of Satan continue. May they experience your great grace.

I wrote a book on the subject of spiritual fatigue titled Worn Out by Obedience. Click here to get your copy. 

Excerpt from Worn Out by Obedience:

For David, God’s gift of crisis was painful. He stood alone grieving the loss of his own family and feeling the weight of letting down his men. He knew that they were seriously discussing dragging him to a rocky area and stoning him. At the moment David’s circumstances didn’t seem much like a gift. But God used the crisis to turn David’s heart back home. He does the same for us.

-Ron Moore, Worn Out by Obedience, 136




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Christine Muehlbauer

Thank you for these daily devotionals. I appreciate this very much.

Christine 🙂


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