Follow Me: Life of Jesus

Did you hear Christ’s call? Did you say “Yes, Lord, I will follow you?” If so, who do you want to join you and who would you rather not take along?

Those are the questions Ron Moore addresses in today’s broadcast. Listen to discover a little bit of your own heart and a lot more of God’s.


This Week's Resource

Why did Jesus have to die? Could he not have lived a long life, teaching mankind the ways of God, and then returned to his Father in glory? What was so necessary about the Cross and what does it mean for those separated from God?

The answer is found and examined in Ron Moore’s booklet titled Why did Christ Have to Die? There, supported by numerous scripture passages, Ron offers a clear explanation of the Gospel message.  It’s the Good News your loved ones need to hear.

Why did Christ Have to Die? is yours for a gift of any amount.

We’ll send it to you for a gift of any amount.


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