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Noted philosopher, the Dread Pirate Roberts, said, “Life is pain…anyone who says differently is selling something.” He’s right. We all hurt at one time or another. The question then, is, what will you do when it invades your life?

Today, Ron Moore is going to address that question from the story of Job. In his answer you’ll find victory in the midst of suffering.

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Unshakable Faith

An awareness of God’s presence is a source of great strength and stability in difficult times. But when He seems silent, or absent, our pain is magnified.

Maybe you’ve been there.  Maybe you’re there just now.

For times like these Ron has prepared a devotional guide to help restore that feeling of God’s closeness.  It’s called “Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World.” Packed with eternal truth from God’s Word, it’ll gently lead you into His presence.

Unshakable Faith in a Shaken World,” is yours for a donation of any amount.