The Journey with Ron Moore

Sitting in a high place among our most treasured possessions is our taste in music.  It often rules over our choice in churches, friends, and spiritual leaders.  It can be the most healing or destructive of our closely held values.

Ron Moore offers spiritual insight from four periods of church-music history and challenges us to place our musical taste in its proper position.

A healthy spirit contributes to a healthy body. And there’s nothing more invigorating to our heart and soul than the balm of music. Unfortunately, we often disagree about which medicine is best.

Ron Moore offers a glimpse into our musical past to offer a healthy perspective on music in the now.

While the organs must all work together for a healthy body, there is a hierarchy of function.  The brain cannot live without the heart, but the heart receives its commands from the brain.

What that means for Christ’s body, the Church, is Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour.

Like a rubber hammer to the knee, God is expecting a response when he gently raps on our soul.

Today Ron Moore shows us what that reflexive action says about the health of our spirit.

In the frontier between black and white are the “No Sin Zones.” Those gray areas where believers often differ over our freedom in Christ.

Ron Moore shares four principles that should drive your behavior the next time you find yourself in the “No Sin Zones.”

Freedom draws a very large circle…love draws it smaller.  In between looms the possibility that the Gospel can be misunderstood.

Ron Moore shares how the Apostle Paul dealt with that situation and how you can follow his example.

Liberty has limits.  While that statement may seem contradictory it actually grants even greater freedom…the freedom to do “as you should,” and not merely “as you want.”

Ron Moore explains what it means to be truly free–within “loving boundaries.”

You are an architect.  Each day you design and build a life in front of God and others.  The question is, what do you build it with?  And how does your structure impact the community around you?

Today Ron Moore shares construction standards that will ensure the integrity of your spiritual neighborhood and provide awards that will never fade.

There are some things in this world, and the next, which are seen only through brighter eyes…some thoughts that must be interpreted by a greater mind.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore reminds us that such sight and understanding is a favor to the chosen, from the third person of the Trinity.  It’s a gift that binds us together as one.

What are the signs of a healthy church?

Today Ron Moore begins a new series to address that question.  And in the next half-hour he introduces a key marker that can determine the vitality of your church.

The Greatest Text Message

Have you ever had an “Emmaus Road” experience?  A moment when the scriptures blazed with new understanding and you knew God had spoken to your soul?  And now looking back, you can exclaim along with the Emmaus disciples, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road?”

Ron Moore wants you to look forward to such moments in the days ahead.  He takes you to that place in his engaging devotional “The Greatest Text Message.”  There, in bite size meditations, Ron lays a solid foundation for the authority of the Bible. You’ll discover the men God used to communicate His Word, the supernatural preservation of the scriptures down through the centuries, and a new call to embrace its living truth.

“The Greatest Text Message” is yours for a donation of any amount.