The Journey with Ron Moore

The first Christian martyr demonstrated that life is only worth living if what you have is worth dying for.  And so, Stephen did both.  He found a life worth living in Christ and was stoned to death for his faith.

Today Ron Moore challenges us to live as Stephen lived, with courage, confidence and the peace of mind that through it all Christ will be with us.

When radical, life-giving change transforms our hearts we’re commissioned to tell others about it.  It is the unparalleled privilege of being God’s witnesses on Earth.  And it’s our purpose in this great adventure.

Today Ron Moore shows us, from the life of the early Church, why our witness is so important and urgent.

In the shadows of our sin-darkened heart there is a desperate desire for light.  We grope through its depths for the eternal and pure, and only occasionally glimpse the image of God there.  Who, then, will rescue us from this body of death?

Today Ron Moore tells us who and how.

Wouldn’t you like the world to know you’re living a spiritual adventure with a band of like-minded travelers?  Well, there is a public initiation for this exclusive body. One that brands you forever as being in the company of heaven’s King.  One that’s required if you’re to travel well.

Ron Moore gives us the biblical “when’s” “why’s” and “how’s” in this half-hour.

We love glittering things. And in our getting of them we celebrate the beautiful thing while too often missing its creator. The One who longs to know us and be known.

With that in mind, today Ron Moore redirects our focus from the glittering gift to the Giver.

Living with boldness, and beyond yourself, is living as God intended.  But that life will require His power and His presence.  Without that the quest will fail.  With it, you can turn the world upside down.

Today Ron Moore shares that power and how you can walk in it day by day.  It’s an adventure on the far side of understanding, with a person who lives inside your heart.  Listen and be changed.

The Christian life is a spiritual “hall of wonders” with adventures down every corridor.  And no one knows that better than those who first lived it. Every day held new experiences based in one, compelling motivation: their love for the risen Christ.

Today Ron Moore invites you to join them in that great adventure story.

The Greatest Text Message

Have you ever had an “Emmaus Road” experience?  A moment when the scriptures blazed with new understanding and you knew God had spoken to your soul?  And now looking back, you can exclaim along with the Emmaus disciples, “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road?”

Ron Moore wants you to look forward to such moments in the days ahead.  He takes you to that place in his engaging devotional “The Greatest Text Message.”  There, in bite size meditations, Ron lays a solid foundation for the authority of the Bible. You’ll discover the men God used to communicate His Word, the supernatural preservation of the scriptures down through the centuries, and a new call to embrace its living truth.

“The Greatest Text Message” is yours for a donation of any amount.