The Journey with Ron Moore

As you gaze into the spiritual future who do you see? Is there a more mature “you” beckoning in the distance?  Have you lifted your eyes to look?

Ron Moore offers a lens that will magnify your spiritual vision and help you to reach your goal.

Believer, what do you want to do with the Gospel of Christ? And what does that desire say about your walk of faith?

Today Ron Moore examines that question as he encourages you to fulfill the ministry to which God has specifically called you.

What are the essential characteristics of the Kingdom of God on Earth? Moreover, what can you do to destroy them…and what can you do to maintain them?

Ron Moore talks about that on today’s broadcast and offers practical guidance on keeping the peace of God in your heart and your church.

How does your church deal with conflicting values and views? What happens when one believer thinks something to be permissible and another thinks it to be sin?

Ron Moore shares Paul’s guidelines in dealing with those gray areas of Christian conduct.

A believer’s spiritual apparel is woven from three beautiful threads. Wear them and the world will want to know their designer.

On today’s program, Ron Moore is going to show us those true colors from the fashion catalog of Christ Jesus.

Give up. Submit. Surrender. We don’t like those synonyms very much. But they’re the attitudes that must govern our hearts if we’re to live a transformed life.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shows us what that looks like and how it’s done.

The truths of God’s sovereignty and our responsibility stand as two mighty pillars rising beyond the clouds.  We can’t see their connection, but we’re asked to believe they hold our eternal destiny in place.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore examines our part in that heavenly architecture and what it means for us today.

We see the underside of life’s tapestry. The dangling threads there hint at a design, but it’s hard to decipher.

Ron Moore focuses our attention on the designer so we can better visualize the masterpiece he’s weaving through our lives.

Do you ever wish God could take the smoking rubble your life has become, and with it, fashion a shining trophy?

Ron Moore will reveal the transforming craftsmanship that can do just that.

The daily news and our own painful experiences tell us we’re a long way from Eden.  But, for the redeemed, God promises, “that” will not always be the case.

Today, Ron Moore takes a look at the coming restoration of God’s original design. It’s a truth that will make today’s hurts easier to bear.

Is your thought-life centered in today or in eternity? You see, with salvation God gives us a new way of thinking that, with our partnership, can make heavenly living an everyday experience. It’s a reality the unbeliever cannot know.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore will share how that works out in your life.

Do the rumblings of self-doubt echo in your heart? Does the victory you claim as a follower of Christ sometimes mock you?

Ron Moore shares those same struggles from an unlikely source. Listen and discover the companionship of a fellow warrior.

We are made right before a holy God by His grace. But, since that’s true, what are we to do with the Law of Moses? Do we keep it or ignore it?

Today, Ron Moore looks at that issue and what it means for the believer living under God’s unmerited favor.

For believers in Christ Jesus, the yoke and chains of sin have been removed.  But we are not free like the culture defines freedom.  Instead, we have been liberated so that we can choose our master.

Today, Ron Moore looks at our emancipation and our ongoing struggle to live only as slaves to the Master of Life.

There is limitless life-giving power available to the Christian…power to live as Christ desires…power to live in victory.  So how do we turn it on?

Ron Moore tells you where to find the switch so you can live in the new life Jesus promised.

Two men have decided the eternal destiny of the human race. You belong to one of them. The question is: which one?

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore compares their deeds so that you may choose the one who brings life.

We are powerless in our hostility toward God. Try as we might we can’t love Him on our own. We can’t fear Him as we should. We can’t be at peace.

But, as Ron Moore is about to explain, God, in His love, has a hope and cure that doesn’t depend on us.

Did you know the promise of the Gospel is made worthless by relying on good works for your salvation?

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore will tell you why…and what you can do about it.

Is there such a thing as “cheap grace?” Can a spiritual “pearl of great price” be bought on credit? Can justification be put on “lay-away” until you can manage the payment?

In this half-hour, Ron Moore supplies the answers as he discusses the cost of salvation for you and me and for Christ.

Is the New Testament teaching of salvation by faith “new?” Did God have one way to save the Jewish people and another way to save the rest of us?  Or can we all find peace with God by doing good things and being good people?

Those are the issues Ron Moore is going to address in today’s broadcast.

Welcome to the Life God Has For You

Do you wonder where the abundant life Jesus promised is found?  When you do a personal assessment do you find spiritual failure, doubt, and bondage instead of the victory you seek?  Well, you’ll discover the victory you’ve been looking for in Ron Moore’s devotional publication: “Welcome to the Life God Has for You.”

In this thoughtful look at Paul’s very personal letter to the believers in Philippi, you’ll learn how to experience the joy, freedom and bold confidence God intends for His child.

Welcome to the Life God Has for You” is available for a gift of any amount.