The Journey with Ron Moore

Imagine discovering the answer to every why, what, and how about God and life.  Now imagine comprehending those answers.

Ron Moore offers biblical assurance that you’ll not only know more in heaven but you’ll also understand the greatness of God and His eternal plan for you.

Sometimes it’s the absence of things that make a place special…and even heavenly.

Ron Moore makes a list of those things from the pages of John’s Revelation.  Listen to see how many are on your list and the ones you wouldn’t expect there.

It’s a place we’d rather not dwell on…a vast, burning lake of eternal punishment. But if scripture is true, it’s a place that cries out for our attention.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore looks into that yawning horror and the great escape provided by a gracious God.

Peace on Earth, in your lifetime, is possible, but only if you’re under the reign of the One who is peace.

Today, Ron Moore explores that reign and the astounding global changes surrounding it.

The greatest sound ever to come from the lips of man will be a song of praise before the throne of God. There, millennia of pain and anguish will yield to a joyous celebration that never ends.

Today, Ron Moore interprets the chorus that is sung to our deserving Sovereign and shares reasons why you should begin rehearsing it now.

When all your religious, economic and creature comforts have been stripped away, what will remain? The answer to that question will determine your comfort, or lack thereof, in eternity.

Ron Moore shares the only security that is true and lasting solace, in the midst of utter desolation.

Seven bowls. These seemingly benign vessels mark a tragic turning point in God’s patience with mankind.

And as Ron Moore is coming to explain, their contents will display attributes of God that few like to contemplate, but that all must one day acknowledge.

Between the assurance of eternal life for followers of Christ, and certain judgment for unbelievers, there is a yield sign… the last warning for earth’s travelers, placed there by a loving God.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore looks at that road marker and the consequences of ignoring it.

In western culture, they’ve been portrayed as larger than life…and a myth. But while they’ll be all too real, they’re certainly no match for the One who is Life Himself.

Today, Ron Moore introduces us to the Man of Sin and his religious assistant.

An angel of light, a great red-dragon, handsome and loathsome, cunning and foolish. Satan is all these things…and he wants to be your god.

But as Ron Moore is about to share, this mighty pretender to Heaven’s throne is no match for the King of Kings. Today you’ll see that his defeat is written and certain.

Human events have stepped through the centuries, heading to a set point known only to the Father. But as history finally counts down to the end, God has some extraordinary things to reveal and to conceal.

Today, Ron Moore shares the “what” and “why” of those timely things.

The calm before the great storm is nearing its end. When it has given way to the ill winds of the Great Tribulation many will die.

But as Ron Moore is about to explain, in the midst of these grim troubles God’s tough-love will still be calling mankind to Himself.  Perhaps there’s a personal message here for you.

At the end of days, as the storm of man’s evil and God’s judgment of it scours the earth, there is still shelter to be found.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore leads us to its comfort and protection.

The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead, he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish…

But, as Ron Moore is about to share, when that patience is exhausted the final harvest and judgment are not far behind. And with them comes a time of great tribulation.

Is it narrow-minded to follow the narrow way, to extol its exclusiveness, and claim its truth?  Or is it simply the wisest choice?

Today, Ron Moore answers that question with the authority found in the Bible’s final prophecy.

The keen eye of the artist takes in the scene before him and his hand sketches its outlines onto the canvas.

Today, Ron Moore uses the words of the Apostle John to brush the first strokes to a masterpiece of the City of God and its central figure. Listen…and see.

Riding high on the spiritual fence is a dangerous exercise. There’s a false sense of security up there when a fatal tumble is a more likely outcome.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore issues a challenge to the fence rider, and that challenge comes straight from the mouth of Jesus.

At work and school, do you sometimes stand for “right” in a storm of conflicting beliefs and values? A place where none have gone with you and still you follow.

Well today, Ron Moore has words of comfort and encouragement from the lips of the One for whom you stand.  In His words, you’ll feel your heart warmed.

The sanctuary is well appointed, the hymnals are plentiful and the instruments are finely tuned, but there’s something unfinished…something vital…the lights have never come on.

As Ron Moore is about to share, the Lord knows those who are His and which churches are truly light and life.  How will you and your church compare?

Purchase the finest French perfume and then add a dash of vinegar to the bouquet. Would you wear it to the ball…or even the ballgame?

Ron Moore outlines the spiritual scent of error combined with truth. It is a stench in the nostrils of God and not a fragrance to be worn in His presence.

What Will Heaven Be Like?

When you think of heaven, what comes to mind? Sitting on clouds, whiling away the endless hours, playing slow songs on golden harps? Well, there will be glorious music played on harps and other instruments, but there is so much more to experience in God’s kingdom.

Ron describes that infinite world in his booklet, “What will Heaven be Like?” There he takes us on a scriptural tour of our forever home. You’ll witness joyful reunions and the spine-tingling beauty and vastness of heaven. You’ll stroll past the twelve immense gates to the capital city, each guarded by a majestic angel. You’ll discover that there’s infinite work to enjoy performing and perfecting. You’ll learn and create and become the person you’ve only started to be.

If today’s world has you worried and fearful, you’ll be comforted by “What will Heaven be Like?” We’ll send it to you for a gift of any amount.