The Journey with Ron Moore

Like a vinyl record with a stuck needle, we sometimes find ourselves in a spiritual rut, repeating the same old tired refrain.

From the Twenty-third Psalm, Ron Moore shares God’s solution to get you off “stuck.” Its insight will jolt you into a fresh path of righteousness.

It’s a visual masterpiece painted with words by dirt-stained hands and an awe-struck heart. It’s easily the greatest of King David’s art, featuring a confident passion that resonates deep within the human soul.

And today, Ron Moore begins an intimate look at that masterpiece…the Twenty-third Psalm.

Journey Through the Bible

Why did Jesus have to die? Could he not have lived a long life, teaching mankind the ways of God, and then returned to his Father in glory?  What was so necessary about the Cross and what does it mean for those separated from God?

The answer is found and examined in Ron Moore’s booklet titled: “Why did Christ Have to Die.”  There, supported by numerous scripture passages, Ron offers a clear explanation of the Gospel message.  It’s the Good News your loved ones need to hear.

Why did Christ Have to Die,” is yours for a gift of any amount.