The Journey with Ron Moore

Spiritual reformations begin in a passionate, obedient heart.  But when that revival occurs in the life of a person or country, has a lasting impact on those who follow.

Ron Moore is here to examine the timing and results of spiritual change and what they can mean for your life.

Sometimes what you break is as important as what you make.

With that in focus, today, Ron Moore offers biblical advice on destruction and construction so you can build a successful life and legacy.

Two perspectives war for your soul.  One claims you’re the captain of your fate.  The second asserts that you belong to another.  The one that wins will make the difference between a triumphant legacy and one best avoided.

On today’s program, Ron Moore shares both viewpoints through the lens of scripture so that you can make an informed decision.

Here’s a spiritual truth: you can burn the idols in your life to the ground but unless you build an altar to Christ in their place another idol will rise from the ashes.

On today’s program, Ron Moore offers seven spiritual lessons that ensure false gods never reappear and that Jesus reigns supreme.

Too infrequently a man walks onto the world scene whose whole purpose is to follow God. He’s not always faultless; in fact, he sometimes falls headlong into sin.  But when all is said and done, he has displayed three undeniable traits that God honors… and that change the world.

On today’s program, Ron Moore shares the three characteristics that belong to “a man after God’s own heart.”

What kind of character does it take to change the world?  And where are those virtues found?

Today Ron Moore shares those biblical characteristics and invites you to join the community of world-changers.

Your affections guide your journey. They can steer you down a narrow way with eternal, exponential influence, or to a dead-end place where your reward must be left behind.

On today’s program, Ron Moore shows you the narrow avenue that leads to a Godly legacy and tells you where to find it.

Like a potter’s hands smoothly gliding over wet clay, so is the formation of a godly heritage.  Recurring rash moments could damage the vessel and the legacy.  But gentle care will yield a beautiful expression of the artist and her God.

Today Ron Moore offers a biblical workshop on molding a beautiful life.

You can’t leave a legacy of Godly faith and practice unless you truly own it.

How that’s done…both the owning and the leaving…are Ron Moore’s focus in this half-hour.

Hospitality has gotten a first-world makeover.  In fact it’s almost unrecognizable from the original design.  Instead of a Martha Stewart party for respectable friends, scriptural hospitality sets the table for the unwashed outcast and the vulnerable stranger.

With that in mind, Ron Moore is here to share the dangerous, costly and sacrificial virtue of hospitality.

What frames your internal world? Are the thoughts and intents of your heart a cluttered structure of wood, hay, and stubble, or does precious metal and costly stone form the building blocks of your life?

Ron Moore is here to offer construction tips from the Word of God.  It’s advice that will ensure your character and legacy stand strong against the tests of time.

Like a downhill skier in the winter Olympics, the Christian often teeters between a winning run to the finish line and crashing into a snowbank. We’re constantly balancing between the liberty of the Gospel and the constraints of a holy life.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore shares how we must avoid the extremes that threaten our testimony and the race we run.

Your delegated power to shape a watching world begins in a place much more intimate.  Fail there and the world stops watching.

Ron Moore is here to help you keep that primary influence in focus so that the world will see and glorify your Father in heaven.

There’s a biblical measurement that marks the influential Christian life. How effectively you impact the world, your neighbors and family for Christ hang on that yardstick.

In today’s program, Ron Moore shares that vital measurement and the reasons it’s so important to complete your mission on earth.

When you accepted Christ’s forgiveness you were assigned a mission and promised rewards. Together they offer a life lived with passionate purpose.

In this program, Ron Moore looks at that purpose, how you can live it out and its power to influence the world around us.

You wield significant power.  Too often it’s unexamined and misunderstood.  But even in ignorance, it remains significant.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore begins a series that takes a hard look at that power and its lasting effects on those around you.

Journey Through the Gospels

Would you like to sense the anticipation of the people as Jesus stood up to preach? Would you like to feel the joy and wonder as the scales fell from the eyes of the man born blind? Would you like to see Jesus for the first time—all over again? That can be your everyday experience with Ron Moore’s devotional titled: “Journey through the Gospels.”

In these three-hundred-sixty-five insightful meditations, Ron takes you on a challenging trip through the life of Christ. Along the way, Jesus will touch your soul and spirit with life-changing truths and tender affection.

Journey through the Gospels” is yours for a gift of any amount.