The Journey with Ron Moore

Do-overs, thankfully, are a common theme in scripture. We stumble into the mire only to look up and find the hand of Jesus ready to lift us out.

In this program Ron Moore encourages you to look up and find your do-over through the example of one of the Lord’s closest friends.

Sometimes changing your mind and heart can be dangerous. It can upset your most treasured values and beliefs.

Ron Moore warns about this kind of danger and the abundant life it promises.

When the waters of the Christian life become rough where do you sail your vessel? Do you harbor in a sheltered cove or strike out for the challenge of the open sea? Choose the cove and you may miss seeing your savior walking on the waves and calming the storm.

In this broadcast Ron Moore talks about giving up the “easy” voyage to find the best. And all it takes is keeping your eye on the compass.

What are you willing to give in order to have it all? Would you give everything you can’t keep in order to gain a prize you can never lose?

That’s the decision one man in scripture faced and Ron Moore is here to tell his story so that you can choose wisely.

To step onto a bridge over troubled waters requires faith. But faith must be undergirded by evidence. So where does one go to find that evidence when the bridge you’re asked to cross is spiritual?

Today Ron Moore answers that question with examples from the lives of people like us. People who discovered that the evidence amply supported the faith.

When storms blow into your life will your faith stand? Is it built on firm ground with quality materials? Have you looked behind the outward curb-appeal to determine its inward strength?

In this broadcast Ron Moore opens the blueprints found in scripture to help you compare your spiritual house to the heavenly building standards.


Do you need prayer?