The Journey with Ron Moore

Have you ever wondered why that awful or delightful thing happened to you? Perhaps wondered what you did to deserve either? Jacob had those thoughts too.

And today, Ron Moore wraps up his study of Genesis by drawing conclusions about our lives based on Jacob’s experiences. They will inform your wondering heart.

God hates injustice but sometimes He uses it to mold our hearts and minds for His service. He did that in the story we hear today.

In this broadcast, Ron Moore continues his study of Genesis with a look at the life-shaping trials of Joseph. In the telling perhaps your story will be molded too.

Family history and dynamics shape the faith and destiny of every member. The children often reflect their parent’s sins and personalities. Sibling influences sibling. In the case of Jacob and his sons that history and dynamic turned to heartache. But God turned it into good.

Ron Moore begins a look at that gripping story and God’s redeeming mercy.

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it? That was the experience of two biblical brothers. The problem for one was, the thing he wanted most fed the wrong appetite, and it cost him everything.

On today’s program, Ron Moore tells the story of these brothers and through it helps you develop an appetite for the things of God.


What kind of faith do you have? Is it passive or active? Does it sit at home enjoying the benefits of God or does it adventure into obedient action?

Today, Ron Moore helps you answer those questions by watching the faith of Abraham during the greatest test of his life. It will inspire you to be like this patriarch of all believers.

Abraham walked out of “Ur of the Chaldeans” and into history with only his faith and family. But his faith in God was all he needed.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore takes us on Abraham’s faith journey and into the promises of God. It’s a faith you can share and in it discover your greatest needs met as well.

Since the devastating event of “the fall” sin has cascaded down the stream of history to become a flood of evil and despair. Now, God is ready to wash the slate clean and start again.

Blessedly, as Ron Moore shares in this half-hour, grace floats and carries with it the hope of salvation, both then and today.

From the majestic and uneasy earth, to the beautiful and sometimes deadly natural world, to mankind who is capable of so much love and so much evil, there is one seminal event that explains this chaos in which we find ourselves.

Today, Ron Moore examines that event, how it reaches into your life and a rumor of the coming good news that will bring peace to all.

God spoke our vast universe into being, but with mankind he got much more personal.

In this broadcast, Ron Moore describes that incredibly intimate scene in which Adam became a living soul. Listen and fall in love with your creator all over again.

How large is the universe? The word that comes to mind is “vast.” A companion question is how large is your God? From His lips our vast universe was spoken into being. That makes Him larger still.

And today, Ron Moore begins a series which reveals the God who is greater than all creation yet stoops to befriend you and me. It’ll transform how you look at the stars and the problems you face.


Prayer. That word, and the practice of it, fills you with great hope and struggling doubt. You wonder: what precisely is prayer? And how can I pray in a way that God hears and responds to me?  Those are the questions answered in Ron Moore’s insightful devotional titled: “Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life.

During this month long journey you’ll learn how living in awe of God, submitting to His will and resting in daily dependence on Him can make prayer engaging and effective.

Engage: 30 Days to a More Powerful Prayer Life” is yours for a gift of any amount.