The Journey with Ron Moore

One prayer with four levels.  Honestly embraced it will take you from a shallow spiritual existence to the deep life God has created for you.

In just a moment Ron Moore comes to share that prayer.  Are you ready?

It was hidden from human understanding for millennia…a mystery so profound that only God’s Son could reveal it.

Today, Ron Moore pulls back the curtain of sacred history so that you can see the secret of the ages and your place in it.

We were adrift…separated from help and hope and one another.  But now, God has gathered us to Himself and made us one people, one body—bound together by the hope of eternal life.

Today Ron Moore explores that miracle and what it means for you and for the world in which we live.

The sails of life were limp and directionless.  We had driven ourselves to this spiritual Sargasso Sea and it had claimed us.  We were captains of lost slave ships, doomed to Hell’s deep.

But, as Ron Moore is coming to share, an amazing power billowed our sails to life and led us to the lighthouse and home.

There is no power in the spiritual grave.  No emotional need or physical desire can break its curse.  And we are all under that curse.  Helpless and hopeless we’re unresponsive to the call of our creator.  But God has a way to raise the dead.

Today, Ron Moore shows us that way and the power of God that grants everlasting life.

A dynamic light has shined in our hearts.  But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that its all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

And in this half-hour, Ron Moore will show you how that came to be and the supernatural things God wants you to do with it.

Do you have the mark of authenticity…the eternal certification that you’re God’s priceless treasure, secured for all eternity?

Ron Moore talks with us about that peace-giving seal and its promise of the riches to come.

You are like an expensive pearl, once owned by an uncaring collector, now purchased, at great personal cost, by a loving Lord.

Ron Moore will detail that transaction and what it means to your life.

Like the world’s richest jewel mine you have been chosen as a repository of untold riches by the Creator of all things.

And today Ron Moore shares, in what may be a surprising revelation, how these gems of sparkling grace found their place in your heart and how you can reveal them to the world.

More Than Words

Have you ever happened upon an old, familiar trunk stored in the attic that you’d never opened? It had been there for years, a constant companion to your other family heirlooms, but to that point, unexplored.  Then one day, you had a look inside and discovered treasures you’d only dreamed of.  Items with rich history that revealed more about you and your heritage than you ever knew existed.

Well, that’s a lot like the spiritual wealth found in the Lord’s Prayer. In his devotional, “More Than Words,” Ron Moore unlocks and opens this favorite biblical passage. There, in thirty daily meditations, he compares scripture with scripture to unveil the rich concepts the Lord Jesus intended for you to find and enjoy.

A digital download of “More Than Words” is yours for a donation of any amount.