Can’t Just Sit There!

God moves in the hearts of His people. He spurs them to good works, which He prepared in advance for them to do.  But then what?

As Ron Moore is coming to explain, the spiritually serious take action, and they do it with something so special that it carries them, through sacrifice and discouragement, to ultimate success.


This Week's Resource

Do voices of discouragement, doubt, and ridicule, from past and present, hound your days and gnaw at your sleep?

Those persistent taunts that question your abilities, wisdom, and resources can keep you from reaching your full potential in Christ.

In his booklet “Overcoming Doubt, Fear, and Discouragement” Ron Moore helps you to isolate the causes of such doubt and fear and defeat them in God’s strength.  There, you’ll discover an exciting new vision for the work Christ has prepared for you to do.

We’ll send it to you for a gift of any amount.


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