Call on His Name

Devotion Text

Genesis 4:26

At that time people began to call upon the name of the Lord.

This is the first time in the Bible where prayer is mentioned, but it is not the first time that people prayed. Adam and Eve talked with God intimately before the Fall, and their conversations continued afterward. One can only imagine those first parents praising God when their two sons were born and then, on their knees, crying out to God when they learned one son had killed the other. This verse—Genesis 4:26— is a “landmark” statement. To “call upon the name” is an expression of worship through prayer—talking with God. It includes praise, thanksgiving, adoration, and petitions. Of course, the object of our communication is always the LORD—Yahweh—the personal, self-existent, all-powerful God.

Today, as we begin a new year, let’s make Genesis 4:26 our personal “landmark” statement. Today we begin to call on the name of the LORD—to talk with our heavenly Father. Today we start a journey to a new and deeper intimacy with God—for ourselves, for our children, and their children. Today we begin to learn to talk to God—for real—in a deeper and more intimate way.

Talking Points

  • Praise him for being Yahweh—the personal, self-existent, all-powerful God. Thank God for the personal relationship you have with him through Jesus.
  • Tell God that you truly desire to begin a meaningful, intimate conversation with him. Begin right now by telling him all that is on your heart and mind.

And…keep talking with God throughout the day.





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2 comments on “Call on His Name

Patricia Lander

Where are the daily Bible verses to read through it through the year?


Hi Patricia, it’s not included with this year’s devotions. Thanks for your comment!


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