Barriers to Worship – Part 2

Detours keep us from arriving at our destination in a timely manner. And sometimes we don’t get there at all. We get lost on the back roads. And so it is on the path to worship.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore helps us avoid those spiritual detours. He’ll provide a scriptural GPS that will guide you away from those barriers and straight to the heart of worship.

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More Than Words

Have you ever happened upon an old, familiar trunk stored in the attic that you’d never opened? It had been there for years, a constant companion to your other family heirlooms, but to that point, unexplored.  Then one day, you had a look inside and discovered treasures you’d only dreamed of.  Items with rich history that revealed more about you and your heritage than you ever knew existed.

Well, that’s a lot like the spiritual wealth found in the Lord’s Prayer. In his devotional, “More Than Words,” Ron Moore unlocks and opens this favorite biblical passage. There, in thirty daily meditations, he compares scripture with scripture to unveil the rich concepts the Lord Jesus intended for you to find and enjoy.

A digital download of “More Than Words” is yours for a donation of any amount.