The right thing to do is always to do the right thing. Obedience is always the path to take. The road of obedience always leads to the desired destination. But…let’s face it…obedience is hard. Even Jesus learned obedience “from what he suffered” (Hebrews 5:7-8).

I have listed below several life situations when obedience is hard. I’d love to hear your response to these and your stories of when obedience has been hard for you.

  1. Purity
  • When teenagers are suffering from exploding hormones and their minds (especially boys) are fixed on one thing, they are called to be pure.
  • When a single is following God’s path for purity and his/her friends are sleeping around.
  • When a spouse has saved himself or herself for the right mate and now the mate is not meeting his/her needs.


  1. Relationships
  • When a single is waiting (and waiting) on a Christian mate and is tempted to begin “Evangelism Dating.”
  • When a couple has vowed before God to be committed come hell or high water and now they are hanging on to a hellish relationship feeling like they are drowning emotionally.


  1. Parenting
  • When your kids think your standards are too strict.
  • When other Christian parents seem to be more lenient.
  • When you feel peer pressure to have your child overly involved.
  • When the child you have prayed for goes astray.


  1. Career
  • When others get ahead by cutting corners.
  • When you begin to wonder if honesty really is the best policy.
  • When you are tempted to “beef up” your resume.


Those are some of my thoughts. What about you? Have you experienced a time when obedience was really hard? I would love to hear your thoughts.