The Journey with Ron Moore

Is money a burden on your heart? You see, whether you have little or much of it, how you use it can weigh you down and make you its slave.

Ron Moore shares biblical instruction for lightening the load on the journey to financial freedom.

Does the “toss-off” phrase “Praise the Lord” truly reflect a thankful heart or must there be more?

What does authentic giving-of-thanks look like and what difference will it make in your spirit and your world?

Fathers. What will your children remember most about you? Your successes, your failures, your tries? Or will it be something else entirely? Something you didn’t realize you’d left behind.

Today Ron Moore, a father himself, talks about the threads that weave a strong and lasting legacy.

There are seasonal waypoints in every mother’s life. How those are navigated will determine the destination of a mom’s journey and its influence on her children.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore outlines those four seasons and the critical choices that mark their path.


Do you need prayer?