How would you like to be free? Truly free to live your life with significance and purpose.  Free from fear and from guilt. Learn the security of God’s promised liberty in Christ.

How secure are you, really? How many and how awful must your sins be to drive you away from God’s salvation? Listen and learn the power of God’s judgment on sin.

How easily pleased are you? What about in your spiritual life? What are you willing to settle for in your walk with Christ? Ron Moore explores one of the hardest and most difficult passages in scripture.

How healthy is your spiritual appetite? Are you on a liquid diet or does the offer of a hearty meal sound more appealing? Your answer will determine whether your faith stagnates or flourishes. Ron Moore examines the link between a nourishing doctrinal feast and mature faith. His study will challenge you to expand your menu.

Who will represent you before a holy God? Who will stand up and speak for you when all the evidence of your life condemns you? Who can offer an acceptable sacrifice to satisfy God’s wrath against your sin? Find someone to believe in.

A road trip is so much easier when we have an experienced navigator to share the miles.  Someone who has been down this road.  Someone who has reached your intended destination. So it is on the journey of faith. Learn more about a traveling companion who knows all about you and the narrow way will guide you to your heavenly home.

How’s your grip on faith? Will it hold fast whatever comes? Will it remain secure even in your times of weakness? Let’s talk about how to strengthen your grasp on the faith you profess.

Scripture is a divine tool for the forming of souls. In the hands of the Holy Spirit it can mold you into the person God created you to be. But first you have to hear its instructions. Ron Moore teaches the Bible’s importance and how you can ensure it marks your life.

“Almost” is never a good response when eternity is on the line.  I “almost” made it results in the same destination as it does for the one who was never close. Take that last step into faith and discover the peace and rest you’ve “almost had” all your life.

C.S. Lewis said: “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  Significantly, the truth claims of Christ are evident for all to examine. Consider the importance of Christ for yourself.

There is a symphony that echoes through the universe.  Its strains undetectable by the largest space telescope but readily heard by the listening heart. Tune in and hear the celestial music of redemption.

As when a maritime fog obscures a firm shore, taking your eyes off Jesus can result in a slow drift into dangerous waters. Pay close attention to the anchor of your soul.

Many in the modern world have rediscovered an ancient fascination with angels. For some that fascination borders on worship. Listen and learn why we must never allow a created thing to compete for our worship of the incomparable Christ.

In the unseen realm, and in the known universe, there is One who is supreme…and He wants to know you. The “Seven Excellencies” of Jesus Christ gives you confidence in his saving power.

Is Jesus the only way to heaven?  There seems to be some question about that in the hearts and minds of many evangelical Christians. Today Ron Moore begins an in-depth study of this New Testament book.

What does it mean to be a whole person in action and thought? Then, how can we encourage that wholeness, that integrity, in our children? We’ll tackle this vital issue on today’s program.

In a world increasingly angry how can we instill a sense of empathy in our children?  Moreover, what will that look like in their lives? Today we’ll share practical guidance that will mold merciful children for a merciless world.

What do parents do that unintentionally produces dishonesty in children?  And how can we demonstrate and teach honesty so that it becomes an enduring part of our son’s and daughter’s character? Let’s explore this fundamental virtue.

It is in the commonplace obligations of life that we, and our children, prove our trustworthiness to handle the weightier things.  So what are those responsibilities and how can we reliably imprint them on our children? Join us for the outline of the basics of responsible living and how mastery of them can prepare your child for success in life.

Teaching your children self-control, in every area of life, is a frustrating and fearful endeavor.  How do you know if you’re doing it right? We’ll share guideposts and guidance on this vital topic.


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