The Journey with Ron Moore

Marriage is a package deal. The Bible details the three key ingredients of that package and why they cannot be successfully separated.

Ron Moore shares those ingredients and what they mean to couples considering cohabitation.

Any way you slice it, divorce is painful. It cuts deeply into both partners and even deeper into their children.

During this half-hour Ron Moore begins a two-part examination of those wounds in a conversation with one who bears the scars of divorce. In her story you’ll find a gracious Lord who binds up our hurts.

What is marriage, really? What great purpose does it serve? What should your marriage focus on in order to find that purpose? And what do you do when that bond is severed?

Ron Moore explores those questions in this broadcast. In that exploration you’ll discover your marriage made better, and hopefully, unbreakable.

What makes sex biblical, beautiful and fun? More importantly, how should we honor it and experience it?

That’s Ron Moore’s engaging topic this half-hour. Listen and find joyful treasure.

Inside your home, nearer than you may have imagined, the greatest threat to your marriage is lurking.

Ron Moore unmasks that threat and provides scriptural countermeasures to defeat it.

The foundations of our culture are under siege. From the intact family to sexual expression, society is chipping away at God’s design for stable homes. Even the Church is groaning under the onslaught.

Ron Moore begins an examination of God’s plan for marriage, family and sexuality. In this series will be clear instructions on what you can do to protect the underpinnings of your home.

There is a quid-pro-quo to the victorious Christian life. An exchange that determines whether you become all you can be or limp into eternity with downcast eyes.

On today’s program, Ron Moore describes that exchange and the exciting challenge it offers.

Wholehearted faith is forged in the kiln of experience, faithfulness and courage.

Ron Moore shares the three principles that fire that kiln and make ironclad shields for the battles you face.

Somewhere deep in your soul the old song, “Is That All There Is” plays a wistful tune. The exciting tempo that once animated your walk with Christ has slowed. Now you’re beginning to wonder if this monotonous ballad will accompany the remainder of your days.

Ron Moore helps you evaluate that score and offers sheet-music for a new song.

Sometimes darkness is hidden under the false glow of glittering idols. They catch our eyes and when we don’t look away they lure us into the latent shadows.

On today’s program, Ron Moore shines the light of truth on disobedience and its consequences, so that we may instead be drawn to the bright joy of God’s approval.

Some things God demands of us don’t make practical sense. But if we’re to grow in grace we must do the things that make sense to God alone. And in the doing we’ll experience things beyond human understanding.

Ron Moore shares those things that make for fresh encounters with our strong and gracious God.

How do you mark significant spiritual advances, and what does that marker do for your continued journey toward heaven?

Ron Moore looks at those questions and the difference a simple memorial can make in a believer’s life.

In the higher land beyond today’s roiling torrent there are stunning vistas and green pastures. But to get there you’ll have to trust someone and cross the hammering current according to His instruction.

Ron Moore shares that instruction in this half-hour.

You’ve happened upon a roadblock in your journey to spiritual fulfillment. You weren’t looking for it, didn’t want it and yet here you stand…missing the supernatural delights on the road ahead. What now?

Ron Moore looks at ways around that obstacle and onto the adventure that beckons.

If we stop to listen, there are four brooding questions, beating an uncertain cadence in our hearts. They drum and we step lightly into a world where a Sousa march is desperately needed.

Ron Moore is here to re-chart those doubtful rhythms so we can triumphantly march to a different drummer.

It’s widely known that a joyful heart is easily displaced by a complaining spirit. But often overlooked are the more damaging aspects of grumbling.

Ron Moore shares two principles that will guard your spiritual satisfaction and maintain your heart’s joy.


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