God plus one is a majority.  So, how do we form that winning coalition?  And when will we know it’s time to move forward in its strength?

And the walls came tumbling down.  But that happened only after Joshua fought the battle of Jericho with three principles in mind. Today we’ll look at clues on breaking down the walls that confront you.

Are there spots at the edges of your life-map marked: “Here There Be Giants?”  Places and situations you dare not go?  Even if going meant you were obeying God? Ron Moore shrinks the giants in your life and encourages you to slay them.

They were at first annoying, then oppressive, then horrific.  Demonstrating the power and holiness of God, the ten plagues on Egypt ended in death and sacrifice. But for Israel they brought salvation…the Passover. The Lamb provides salvation to all who sprinkle His blood on the doorposts of their heart.

Singer songwriter David Wilcox say’s it well, “When you lay your dreams to rest, you can get what’s second best, but it’s hard to get enough.”  Just ask Moses.  He laid his dream in the sands of Egypt and fled to Midian, content to spend his life for second best.  But God had another idea.  Just like he has for you.

Great things are not completed in a day.  A leader, a nation, and a life take time, preparation and instruction.  And those things are never easy. This is the story of the second greatest man in the Bible.

When it seems your world is spinning out of control where is the handle to steady yourself?  What truth is there that will make it all bearable? This is the true story of a man who knows your pain.

He stands tall in the pages of scripture.  A man bent and broken because he wrestled with God.  A liar, schemer and cheat whom God pummeled into a patriarch of the Jewish nation. Ron Moore looks into the troubled character of Jacob and the defining moment that changed his name and destiny.

Truth begs to be lived out. It implores you to order life under its teaching. But first you have to learn how it applies in your situation. What does it all mean?

There are rumbles in every heart. Trouble, temptation, weakness or despair. All have the capacity to shake your faith. Ron Moore shares a key gift from God that can strengthen your wavering heart when the earthquakes threaten.

We’re in a race for our lives. To live abundantly requires passionate concentration and unwavering endurance in Christ. God’s training program for the race set before us.

What is faith? Can you define it with biblical clarity? Ron Moore offers a description of faith from the book of Hebrews that will help to keep your faith focused and new.

What’s a Christian to do when persecution or trouble never leaves or returns again and again? Answers come from the book of Hebrews to strengthen you for the trials ahead.

Who are you? What does it mean to be in Christ? And what do you need to be the person God created you to be?

Follow the Lord’s teaching and rivers of living water will flow from your life. What does Jesus do that keeps your faith fresh?

There were a number of items and architectural details in the tabernacle that inform your story today. Learn what the details in the tabernacle mean in your walk with Jesus.

You can tear up the old, flawed agreement.  A fresh, lasting one has been signed in blood and it is very good news. Ron Moore examines the old document that condemned you and its replacement that was endorsed at the cross.

Who was the king of righteousness and peace? And what does he have to do with your salvation? Take a look at a mysterious character from the Old Testament to help you discover the Great High Priest.

How would you like to be free? Truly free to live your life with significance and purpose.  Free from fear and from guilt. Learn the security of God’s promised liberty in Christ.

How secure are you, really? How many and how awful must your sins be to drive you away from God’s salvation? Listen and learn the power of God’s judgment on sin.


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