The Journey with Ron Moore

What does it mean that Jesus is called the Lamb of God? What does it matter? In this half-hour Ron Moore shares the significance of that name and its vital importance to your eternal destiny.

Sometimes temptation seduces you. Its attractive exterior appears to be the thing you’re looking for. It may even seem the way to a Godly goal. And once you’ve seen it you struggle to pass it up. Ron Moore tells the story of Satan’s subtle temptations of Christ. He finds there, a way to resist their seduction, and a holy companion who knows the struggle we face.

It was a humble start for the Son of God’s earthly ministry. Baptism…in a muddy river at a remote location. But that small beginning holds great significance for you and me. In this broadcast Ron Moore shares that meaning so that we can truly know the Savior and follow him more closely.

How closely are you following Jesus the Nazarene? Are you near enough to see the calloused hands that held a hammer and nails? Can you hear his voice both kind and commanding? Can you see the determination on his face to do the Father’s will? Today Ron Moore begins a study of those features so you can know them and share them. Join him for an intimate walk with the… Continue Reading…

There are seasonal waypoints in every mother’s life. How those are navigated will determine the destination of a mom’s journey and its influence on her children. In this half-hour, Ron Moore outlines those four seasons and the critical choices that mark their path.

Do-overs, thankfully, are a common theme in scripture. We stumble into the mire only to look up and find the hand of Jesus ready to lift us out. In this program Ron Moore encourages you to look up and find your do-over through the example of one of the Lord’s closest friends.

Sometimes changing your mind and heart can be dangerous. It can upset your most treasured values and beliefs. Ron Moore warns about this kind of danger and the abundant life it promises.

When the waters of the Christian life become rough where do you sail your vessel? Do you harbor in a sheltered cove or strike out for the challenge of the open sea? Choose the cove and you may miss seeing your savior walking on the waves and calming the storm. In this broadcast Ron Moore talks about giving up the “easy” voyage to find the best. And all it takes… Continue Reading…

What are you willing to give in order to have it all? Would you give everything you can’t keep in order to gain a prize you can never lose? That’s the decision one man in scripture faced and Ron Moore is here to tell his story so that you can choose wisely.

To step onto a bridge over troubled waters requires faith. But faith must be undergirded by evidence. So where does one go to find that evidence when the bridge you’re asked to cross is spiritual? Today Ron Moore answers that question with examples from the lives of people like us. People who discovered that the evidence amply supported the faith.

When storms blow into your life will your faith stand? Is it built on firm ground with quality materials? Have you looked behind the outward curb-appeal to determine its inward strength? In this broadcast Ron Moore opens the blueprints found in scripture to help you compare your spiritual house to the heavenly building standards.

Having good intentions is “good” only when those intentions are put into action. Without implementation needs are left unmet and the intentions are worthless. In the minutes ahead, Ron Moore shares how we can turn our good intentions into good works that God created for us to do.

The heavens declare the glory of God—but that’s not the best place to see it. Today, Ron Moore will offer a glimpse of that glory and when he’s done you may be able to see it in the mirror.

We are drowning in God’s favor, forgiveness and love. So what should that mean as we look on a world dry and dying of thirst? Ron Moore begins with the former so that we can act on the latter.

Do you desire to be a godly mom or dad and just need some scriptural guidance to help you along the way? Ron Moore shares some practical, biblical steps that will direct you and your family in the paths of righteousness.

Children are a gift from God. Sometimes we doubt that. Especially when parenting isn’t going the way we thought it would. With that in mind, today, Ron Moore offers some relief from those expectations and scriptural encouragement for moms and dads.

They are the people we work with. They are friends and family. Many are living lives of quiet desperation, hiding a secret from the world. Some have come out of the closet. All are people whom God loves. Ron Moore talks about their struggles and the design for biblically approved sexual expression.

Marriage is a package deal. The Bible details the three key ingredients of that package and why they cannot be successfully separated. Ron Moore shares those ingredients and what they mean to couples considering cohabitation.

Any way you slice it, divorce is painful. It cuts deeply into both partners and even deeper into their children. During this half-hour Ron Moore begins a two-part examination of those wounds in a conversation with one who bears the scars of divorce. In her story you’ll find a gracious Lord who binds up our hurts.

What is marriage, really? What great purpose does it serve? What should your marriage focus on in order to find that purpose? And what do you do when that bond is severed? Ron Moore explores those questions in this broadcast. In that exploration you’ll discover your marriage made better, and hopefully, unbreakable.


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