The Journey with Ron Moore

Some things God demands of us don’t make practical sense. But if we’re to grow in grace we must do the things that make sense to God alone. And in the doing we’ll experience things beyond human understanding.

Ron Moore shares those things that make for fresh encounters with our strong and gracious God.

How do you mark significant spiritual advances, and what does that marker do for your continued journey toward heaven?

Ron Moore looks at those questions and the difference a simple memorial can make in a believer’s life.

In the higher land beyond today’s roiling torrent there are stunning vistas and green pastures. But to get there you’ll have to trust someone and cross the hammering current according to His instruction.

Ron Moore shares that instruction in this half-hour.

You’ve happened upon a roadblock in your journey to spiritual fulfillment. You weren’t looking for it, didn’t want it and yet here you stand…missing the supernatural delights on the road ahead. What now?

Ron Moore looks at ways around that obstacle and onto the adventure that beckons.

If we stop to listen, there are four brooding questions, beating an uncertain cadence in our hearts. They drum and we step lightly into a world where a Sousa march is desperately needed.

Ron Moore is here to re-chart those doubtful rhythms so we can triumphantly march to a different drummer.

It’s widely known that a joyful heart is easily displaced by a complaining spirit. But often overlooked are the more damaging aspects of grumbling.

Ron Moore shares two principles that will guard your spiritual satisfaction and maintain your heart’s joy.


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