The Journey with Ron Moore

Jesus said: “It is the one who is least among you all, who is the greatest.”

Today, Ron Moore leads you on that journey to greatness, which lies just down the road of humble service.

It’s the small sacrifices you make that sometimes have the greatest impact. You give up a small pleasure and a weaker believer keeps their spiritual balance.

Ron Moore shares how and why that’s done and the difference it makes for a watching world.

In life, and in marriage, a long-range view can make the difference between contentment and strife.

Ron Moore helps you put on those long-distance lenses so you can find real peace and serenity.

Making a good marriage takes hard work. It works well when nurtured. When neglected it doesn’t work at all.

Ron Moore offers workable guidance for making your marriage healthy and good.

Sexual intimacy is most satisfying when experienced within God-given boundaries. In other words, if you want good sex you have to do it God’s way.

Ron Moore shares biblical guardrails and fences, which offer that kind of body and soul-satisfying freedom in the bedroom.

“Sex-positive” is the modern term that excuses and celebrates promiscuity. What those who casually use this idiom don’t realize is that God is “sex-positive.” It’s His idea and His design.

Ron Moore teaches us how the church can reclaim that sexual high ground and celebrate its expression in a God-honoring way.

Sometimes the “Good” can become so twisted as to be unrecognizable from the original. That is sex in the modern world.

Today Ron Moore begins instruction, from God’s Word, on uncoiling, and reclaiming God’s good design from its current, distorted expression.

It is the great paradox of Christian leadership. Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be your servant.” But what does that look like and how is it done?

That’s Ron Moore’s focus on today’s broadcast. He offers three principles that will help you become the servant leader God requires you to be.

Christian, you are a leader. Whether you desire to lead or not, whether or not you’re gifted in leadership. Your direction in life will attract followers and imitators. Some you know. Many you don’t.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shares how that responsibility is to be lived out in Christ’s power.

Fathers. What will your children remember most about you? Your successes, your failures, your tries? Or will it be something else entirely?  Something you didn’t realize you’d left behind.

Today Ron Moore, a father himself, talks about the threads that connect a strong and lasting legacy.

What do you do when you’ve set aside the faith you long held dear? How do you repair a commitment to Christ that has crumbled under the stresses of life?

Ron Moore talks about that on today’s program, by recalling the example of one whose renewed faith changed the world.

Have you resolved to be more kind-hearted in your dealings with others? To share true love with those you encounter each day? What exactly will that look like, what will it be like for others and for you?

Those are the questions Ron Moore addresses on today’s program. Through the answers, you’ll discover joy and faith that draws others to the love of Jesus.

Whenever we fall into trials, which is all too often in these “shadowlands,” we long for someone who has the strength to lift us out of our predicament.

In this half-hour, Ron Moore shows us the only one whose power is sufficient to our troubles and how we can experience it in our lives.

As we stumble through the tangled vines and hidden snares of life it’s essential to have a leader who’s been down this trail before us.  One who was undeterred by the difficult and uneven path he traveled.

Today Ron Moore points to such a one and shows us how to closely follow him.

As you gaze into the spiritual future who do you see? Is there a more mature “you” beckoning in the distance?  Have you lifted your eyes to look?

Ron Moore offers a lens that will magnify your spiritual vision and help you to reach your goal.

Believer, what do you want to do with the Gospel of Christ? And what does that desire say about your walk of faith?

Today Ron Moore examines that question as he encourages you to fulfill the ministry to which God has specifically called you.

What are the essential characteristics of the Kingdom of God on Earth? Moreover, what can you do to destroy them…and what can you do to maintain them?

Ron Moore talks about that on today’s broadcast and offers practical guidance on keeping the peace of God in your heart and your church.

How does your church deal with conflicting values and views? What happens when one believer thinks something to be permissible and another thinks it to be sin?

Ron Moore shares Paul’s guidelines in dealing with those gray areas of Christian conduct.

A believer’s spiritual apparel is woven from three beautiful threads. Wear them and the world will want to know their designer.

On today’s program, Ron Moore is going to show us those true colors from the fashion catalog of Christ Jesus.

Give up. Submit. Surrender. We don’t like those synonyms very much. But they’re the attitudes that must govern our hearts if we’re to live a transformed life.

On today’s broadcast, Ron Moore shows us what that looks like and how it’s done.


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