Just hearing the names Abraham & Isaac together summons images of the greatest act of faith in Abraham’s, and perhaps anyone’s, life. On today’s program, Ron Moore outlines the heart of that faith-act. Listen so you can imitate the extent of Abraham’s belief in the trustworthiness of God.

Don’t stop believing. The title of Journey’s iconic 1981 song could very well sum up the life of Abraham. Not only did he find faith in the living God he refreshed it every day of his life. In this half-hour, Ron Moore takes a careful look at that faith so that we can be participants in Abraham’s legacy.

Fresh Faith finds grace in the eyes of the Lord and perseveres in its power. With that truth in mind, Ron Moore shares the story of a man whose faith and tenacity saved humankind. In its telling, you may find powerful faith for your life as well.

Sometimes, in order to recognize true faith, we must examine the counterfeit. In this half-hour, Ron Moore shares the story of one man whose faith was fake and contrasts it with two men who reveal what real faith looks like.

Walking through the hall of faith is invigorating. As you inspect the lives of its most outstanding members you begin to feel the refreshing breeze of God’s approval. Today, Ron Moore begins that tour so you can overcome spiritual fatigue and hear God say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

For many, the Christian faith is more about what they can get from following Christ, than where and who the Lord wants them to go and be. And that can make all the difference in the world. Today, Ron Moore challenges us to live for a purpose larger than our wants and greater than ourselves.

Those plump, juicy grapes delivered to your supermarket each week are the result of a healthy connection to proven vine branches. So it is in the fields of the Lord. A harvest of spiritual fruit provides a reunion with eternal life. Today, Ron Moore assists with diagnosing that connection in your life.

There is a fortress to which Christian soldiers can flee when the slings and arrows of temptation are overwhelming them. It’s a place of rest and renewal. It’s a place where battles are won. In this broadcast, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin offer directions to that stronghold and encouragement from the One who always leads us in triumph.

It’s vital that the soldier of Christ knows his capabilities and his vulnerabilities. The enemy is well aware of them and prepares the battlefield to exploit both. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin share the secrets of victory found in knowing God and knowing ourselves.

Satan’s grand strategy is worked out on the field of battle. It’s his tactics in the ordinary course of every man’s day that can wound every man’s life. In this broadcast, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin identify those tactics so that you can be victorious in the spiritual war.

Satan’s strategy is simple and efficient…he wants to remake us in his image. He wants us to want what he wants…and he wants us to believe it’s the right thing to do. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin reveal those wants and temptations so that we can see them in the light of God’s Word.

It has been said: “the best defense is a good offense.” That’s certainly true in spiritual warfare. In this message, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin talk about our offensive weapons and how we should use them to defend against Satan’s attacks.

Satan is no mere strategist. He marshals his demonic forces and takes decisive action. He’s formidable but he’s not invincible. In this broadcast, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin brief us on the enemy’s strategies and troop movements so that we can effectively counter them in God’s strength.

Those who want to love God and serve Him know they’re in a battle. Those who fight successfully are also aware that their adversary knows them and knows them well. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin outline the battle plans our enemy uses to defeat us. They also share how we can triumph over those schemes.

It’s a truism in war that one must know his or her adversary. Failing that means losing the war. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin begin an examination of Satan so that we can identify him, his strategies, and his tactics. Knowing that can equip us for the ancient war in which we fight.

There is a ravenous beast lurking in every man. Sometimes it’s large and unmistakable, sometimes disguised and insidious. But it’s always there. Today Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin take an expansive look at anger; where it comes from, what it can do, and how it can be tamed.

Sexual immorality has gravely wounded many soldiers for Christ. But there are practical ways to train for moral fitness so that battlefield injuries don’t take you out of the fight. That’s the focus Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin offer in this program.

If you give it any quarter lust will defeat you. One gap in the line, one lapse in vigilance and it will have you. Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin prepare us to face the struggle every man deals with and to be more than conquerors through Christ.

Critical to any conflict is the protection of your forces.  An insecure perimeter will compromise any battlefield initiative you try to undertake. With that in mind, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin review your reasons for confidence, in whose you are, and where you stand before Him.

God designed you for sexual satisfaction.  It’s not something we often talk about in church circles but it’s essential to understand in our fight for purity. So today, Ron Moore and men’s minister Tunch Ilkin talk about it. In their scriptural and practical conversation, you’ll discover the path to wholeness and holiness in the bedroom.

Strong and Courageous

In a day of doubts and fears, of challenges and opportunities, you need the assurance of God’s power and guidance.

The Children of Israel faced just such days as they entered the Promised Land. How they won the day, with God’s direction and strength, is told in the Book of Joshua.

Now, Ron Moore surveys that heroic story in his encouraging devotional, Strong and Courageous. In its reflections Ron shares thought provoking insights that will equip you to spiritually imitate Israel’s ultimate victories.

A digital copy of Strong and Courageous is yours for a donation of any amount.