Have you ever wondered why that awful or delightful thing happened to you? Perhaps wondered what you did to deserve either? Jacob had those thoughts too.

God hates injustice but sometimes He uses it to mold our hearts and minds for His service. He did that in the story we hear today.

Family history and dynamics shape the faith and destiny of every member. The children often reflect their parent’s sins and personalities. Sibling influences siblings. In the case of Jacob and his sons that history and dynamic turned to heartache. But God turned it into good.

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it? That was the experience of two biblical brothers. The problem for one was, the thing he wanted most fed the wrong appetite, and it cost him everything.

What kind of faith do you have? Is it passive or active? Does it sit at home enjoying the benefits of God or does it adventure into obedient action?

Abraham walked out of “Ur of the Chaldeans” and into history with only his faith and family. But his faith in God was all he needed. In this half-hour, Ron Moore takes us on Abraham’s faith journey and into the promises of God. It’s a faith you can share and in it discover your greatest needs met as well.  

Since the devastating event of “the fall” sin has cascaded down the stream of history to become a flood of evil and despair. Now, God is ready to wash the slate clean and start again.

From the majestic and uneasy earth to the beautiful and sometimes deadly natural world, to mankind who is capable of so much love and so much evil, there is one seminal event that explains this chaos in which we find ourselves.

God spoke our vast universe into being, but with mankind he got much more personal.

How large is the universe? The word that comes to mind is “vast.” A companion question is how large is your God? From His lips, our vast universe was spoken into being. That makes Him larger still.

What does it mean to be a whole person in action and thought? Then, how can we encourage that wholeness, that integrity, in our children?

In a world increasingly angry, how can we instill a sense of empathy in our children? Moreover, what will that look like in their lives?

What do parents do that unintentionally produces dishonesty in children? And how can we demonstrate and teach honesty so that it becomes an enduring part of our son’s and daughter’s character?

It is in the commonplace obligations of life that we, and our children, prove our trustworthiness to handle the weightier things. So what are those responsibilities and how can we reliably imprint them on our children?

Teaching your children self-control, in every area of life, is a frustrating and fearful endeavor. How do you know if you’re doing it right?

Manners. Really, what do they have to do with good character? How do they impact a soul and society for God’s glory?

In a culture that celebrates youth how do you teach respect for the elderly and how can that “bestowal of honor” influence every aspect of your children’s lives?

How can you effectively imprint the “important things” on your children’s souls—those things that will define them and determine their success in life?

Who’s parenting your children? Who’s showing them the way of righteousness and wisdom? Who’s telling them the hard truths about living for God in a fallen world?

Show and tell isn’t just for first graders.  In fact, it’s a biblical imperative that will serve you and your children for time and eternity.


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