Two men decided to build a house. Both dreamed of a room where their family would meet and watch movies, eat popcorn, play games, and have real family conversations in front of a blazing fire. With their wives they planned the kitchen—counter space, storage space, proximity of the sink and dishwasher, the best place for the oven, stove, refrigerator, and microwave. They wanted the eating area to be a special place because every family knows the important of eating together. So they took pains in planning a dining area.

Two men decided to build a house. One of the men was a bit impatient. He wanted the house…now. So he took some shortcuts and finished the house right on schedule. The family moved in and started doing life. It was beautiful and impressive home. One day the man was on his deck cooking burgers with his buddies. He looked down the road and chuckled out loud. “See that house down there,” he pointed to a lot 100 feet away.

“We started building about the same time. We’ve been in our house for a month but that poor guy is still building.”

Down the road the other man was still building. While his neighbor was building up…he was digging down. He knew that digging deep was most important. He knew that having his house grounded on rock was more important than the family room, because without the foundation…the family room wouldn’t last. But it takes time to dig deep. And digging deep is hard work. And it takes time to dig deep.

Finally both houses were finished.

One day, the families were sitting in their family rooms, when a weather advisory scrolled at the bottom of big flat screen television mounted on the wall. The alert warned that a super storm was on the way. Just as predicted, one day the clouds gathered and darkened and the heavens opened up. The rains came down, the streams and lakes and even the oceans rose. The winds blew at 100 miles an hour and beat against the houses.

You know what happened. The house built by the man who took the shortcut crumbled. The house build by the man who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock stood.

Sooner or later, a storm hits every life. The one thing you will have to have is a deep foundation laid on the Rock. That is, if you really want to stand firm in the storm.

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